How to create a portfolio site for a designer?

A portfolio site should represent you as a professional or creative individual and showcase your experience, skills and work.

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How to create a portfolio site for a designer, instructions

On which website can I make a portfolio? You can use one of the site builders, in no case should it be Vix or Tilda, you should choose WordPress.

What kind of website to make for a portfolio and what are the general requirements to consider when creating a website for a portfolio:

Professional design

Clean and minimalistic design: The design of the site should be professional, simple and easy to navigate.
Good color solutions: Combination of colors that match the style and professional image.

Works: The portfolio should contain the best works. For each project, a brief description, skills used and images of the project are provided.
Variety of projects: Present a variety of work to show your versatility and skills in different fields, if applicable.

Contact Information

Contact Form: Add a contact form so potential clients or employers can contact you directly through your site.
Social media links: If you have social media profiles (LinkedIn, Behance, Dribbble, etc.), include links to them.

About us (biography)
Professional Bio: Add a short professional bio that describes your skills, experience, and work style.


Responsive design: The site should be responsive and look good on mobile devices and tablets.

SEO optimization
Keywords: It is necessary to use keywords related to the field of activity in the texts and titles so that the site can be found more easily by search engines.

Speed and security
Fast page loading: Optimizing images and other resources for fast page loading.
SSL Protection: Install an SSL certificate, especially if the site uses forms to collect information.

Feedback and testing

User experience testing: Ask friends or colleagues to test your site and give feedback on its usability.
Feedback and updates: Willingness to receive feedback from visitors and regularly update your works and information about them.

FAQ How to create a portfolio site for a designer?:

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