Woman drowns while canoeing in New York

Woman drowns while canoeing in New York
Woman drowns while canoeing in New York

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A woman has died while canoeing in upstate New York on Earth Day. The accident occurred on the Hemung River near Maricle Lane in Big Flats when the vessel crashed into a fallen tree. The boat overturned and both women, who were wearing life jackets, ended up in the water. One woman swam to shore while the victim was trapped under the canoe as it sank. Suzanne Garber died in the accident, while the other woman survived.

Woman drowns while canoeing in New York

Two women canoeed down a river in upstate New York on Earth Day. And suddenly the boat in which they were crashed into a fallen tree, reports New York Up State.

One of the women got out of the overturned canoe and swam to the shore. Another was trapped under a sinking boat and could not free herself.

Suzanne Garber was found dead under a canoe in the Hemung River in the South Tier by a rescue team. This was announced by the New York State Police in a press release this week. A 22-year-old resident of Prattsburg drowned.

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It happened around 5:00 pm on Saturday, April 28, on the Hemung River, which is near Maricle Lane in Big Flats, a town about 7 miles east of Corning.

Suzanne Garber was floating down the river with a group of kayakers and canoeists when the accident happened. The woman she was with in the canoe, Rebecca J. Garber of Prattsburgh, survived.

Both women were wearing life jackets, police said.

Rescuers from the Wellsburg Fire Department and the Southport Fire Department worked to free the canoe from the fallen tree. After freeing the boat, firefighters discovered the body of Suzanne Garber under the canoe.

In addition to state police and emergency responders, members of the Hemung County Sheriff’s Office, West Elmira Police Department, and fire departments from West Elmira, the Golden Glow, and the Big Flats arrived on the scene.

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