Why you should visit the Starbucks Coffee Theater in New York

Why you should visit the Starbucks Coffee Theater in New York
Why you should visit the Starbucks Coffee Theater in New York

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery in New York offers an interactive and unique coffee experience. The 2,000 square meters space features three bars where customers can taste different types of coffee, including rare blends, and attend coffee tasting tours. In addition to Italian pastries and sandwiches, visitors can sample cocktails containing coffee or tea at Arriviamo Bar. The Roastery also offers other tours, such as an educational tour, a theatrical Brew Theater experience, and the chance to taste Starbucks Reserve Whiskey Barrel-Aged Cold Brew. Experienced baristas infuse science, theater, and art into the coffee-making process to create fantastic and unusual creations.

Why you should visit the Starbucks Coffee Theater in New York

We all know about Starbucks, have tried its coffee and most likely visited several locations of this coffee shop in New York. But few people know that the city has a unique Starbucks Reserve Roastery NYC. There you can not only drink coffee (by the way, from today they offer sensational coffee with olive oil), but also watch the process of roasting beans or go on an interesting coffee tasting tour.

The stunning and fully interactive Starbucks Reserve Roastery NYC spans over 2,000 square meters at 61 9th Ave. There are three bars where you can taste different types of coffee: the main bar, the Arriviamo Bar upstairs (with cocktails) and the Experience Bar below.

Since it’s still a Starbucks, the main bar serves coffee with Italian pastries and sandwiches from the Princi bakery. But that’s not what Starbucks Reserve Roastery NYC is really for. It goes much deeper into the culture of coffee and entertainment.

Starbucks Reserve offers a selection of the rarest, most unusual coffees Starbucks has to offer. It is here that a unique roast is developed for each individual variety. And then they experiment with coffee as an art form – brewed, aged, infused and mixed, creating fantastic and often amazing creations.

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Starting at 10:00 here you can visit the Arriviamo Bar, which serves cocktails containing coffee or tea, created by mixologist Giulia Momose. Only here for you the bartender will prepare a cocktail of espresso, apple brandy, vanilla extract and whipped cream brewed in amaretto. And this is just one of the many unique drinks at Starbucks Reserve.

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There are also amazing tours.

1. NEW YORK ROASTERY REVEALED (tour and tasting)

  • minimum 2 guests | $90 per person | 60 minutes

This tour introduces you to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and shows you how it works from the inside. The tour takes you along the incredible journey of coffee from farm to cup and shows you the roasting process up close. And it all ends with a coffee tasting from Starbucks Reserve Roastery Master Barista.

Tour guests receive a bag of exclusive Starbucks Reserve hand-roasted coffee.


This is a theatrical journey, a three-dimensional window into the world of coffee. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience exciting journeys through the coffee craft led by master baristas.

All sessions of the Coffee Theater last about 30 minutes.


  • minimum 4 guests | $75 per person

Treat yourself to a one-on-one cocktail tasting guided by master mixologists. Try 3 signature Roastery cocktails based on Starbucks Reserve coffee, tea and exotic ingredients. Guests must be over 21 years of age.


  • minimum 2 guests | $55 per person

Science, theater and the taste of coffee are the unique ingredients of this excursion. Witness one of the most dynamic moments in coffee history in this dazzling sensory experience featuring three Starbucks Reserve coffees.


  • minimum 2 guests | $40 per person

Chemex is an hourglass shaped coffee maker that brews coffee unrivaled in smoothness thanks to its dense, conical filter and the precision and experience of the barista. Try one of the Starbucks Reserve coffees brewed with this unique method.


  • minimum 2 guests | $55 per person

Experience unique flavors as one of our baristas expertly craft signature coffee cocktails.

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