Train tickets from $5: Amtrak announces big sale

Train tickets from $5: Amtrak announces big sale
Train tickets from $5: Amtrak announces big sale

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Amtrak has announced new fares of between $5 and $20 for its northeastern routes between the hours of 7 pm and 5 am. The discounted routes cover stations in cities on the Northeast Corridor including New York, Washington and Philadelphia, and target travel by people returning from performances, concerts and sporting events, and those who prefer later departures or early arrivals. By offering late-night discounts, it’s hoped Amtrak can counter increasing rail fares and competition from airlines, which are increasingly attracting leisure travelers enjoying low airfares even as inflation bites into their personal finances.

Train tickets from $5: Amtrak announces big sale

Night owls (or very early birds) will now pay less for Amtrak fares, according to CNBC.

On March 16, the company announced the introduction of fares from $5 to $20 for trains running from 19:00 to 5:00 on some northeastern lines.

Cheaper routes will serve stations on the Northeast Corridor such as New York, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and others. For example, a late-night train ride from New York to Newark, New Jersey would cost as little as $5.

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Discounts are intended for “travelers returning from concerts, performances, sporting events. And also for those who prefer later or earlier departures,” the company said in a statement.

The new prices for late-night flights could ease some of the pressure on travelers who continue to spend money even as inflation slashes their wallets. Airline bookings, for example, remain strong as consumers bet on travel after the pandemic-related hiatus.

By the way, Amtrak’s northeastern route has also risen in price over the past year. It is sometimes even higher than the cost of air tickets, since this corridor is popular with commuters and connects major cities in the region.

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