top 8 restaurants with the best shawarma in New York

top 8 restaurants with the best shawarma in New York
top 8 restaurants with the best shawarma in New York

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A guide to the best places for shawarma in New York City has been published. King of Falafel and Shawarma in Midtown East is recommended for a fast lunch. Balade Your Way in Midtown West, Ilili NYC in NoMad, Barbounia in Gramercy Park, Mamoun’s in the East and West Villages, Shawarma Spot NYC in Long Island City, Queens and Wafa’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn are also recommended. Additionally, Omar’s Chicken in Midtown East offers shawarma seasoned with garlic comes with baklava. All of the eateries use fresh ingredients to deliver an authentic taste.

top 8 restaurants with the best shawarma in New York

Shawarma is the best street lunch when you are in a hurry somewhere in New York. This is a good way to indulge in unhealthy but tasty food. Where can you find the best shawarma in New York? city ​​guide.

Midtown East

K of NYC (that’s King of Falafel and Shawarma) cannot be overstated. The shawarma on the food card is worth the wait in line. A variety of options are available, including Ashley with chicken, salad and three sauces, or Charles with traditional red cabbage, pickles and pita. And if you’re having lunch with a vegan friend, they can opt for falafel and walk away happy and full. Visit a food truck in Midtown East or a restaurant in Astoria.

  • Food Cart: E.53rd St. & Park Ave., 718-838-4413;
  • Restaurant: 3015 Broadway, Queens 718-340-8068;
  • Website:

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Midtown West

Balade Your Way has a simple philosophy. Balade means “fresh” concoctions served the way you want them to be prepared. Customers are invited to mix and match freshly prepared dishes with traditional Middle Eastern flavors – beef shawarma, chicken shawarma, falafel, eggplant, hummus, greens and lentils, salads, as well as a variety of freshly baked flatbreads. Or “Manush”, for example with cheese or olive oil, sesame and thyme, and sauces. You can put a lot of fillings in them: fresh cucumbers, jalapenos, olives, feta cheese and other options.

You can dine at the restaurant (they also have a restaurant in Midtown East) or order takeout.


If you’re looking to spend time in a more sophisticated setting, ilili NYC, located in NoMad, offers a more gourmet take on Lebanese/Mediterranean cuisine. Their mezza-style dinners are a hit, draw crowds and are instrumental in resurrecting the Flatiron area as a gourmet destination. Shawarma with caramelized duck or chicken meat, fig sauce, lettuce, shallots and pomegranate seeds. It is better to reserve a table in advance.

Gramercy Park

Barbounia in Gramercy Park is another more sophisticated place for shawarma and all things Mediterranean cuisine. The indoor atmosphere is a real fireworks show: an impressive open kitchen, high arched ceilings separated by columns, large wooden communal tables and cushioned banquettes. Chef Amitsur Mor combines and reimagines the various cuisines of the region using fresh seasonal and local meats, as well as fish, produce and the finest imported ingredients.

  • Address: 250 Park Ave. South at 20th Street;
  • Telephone: 212-995-0242;
  • Website:

East Village and West Village

Mamoun’s is a small Middle Eastern tavern. This is the perfect place for a quick shawarma, especially after a long evening. Founded in 1971, originally located on McDougal Street (it opened in the hippy era in Greenwich Village) it is reminiscent of the New York of yesteryear with the legendary Comedy Cellar and Caffe Reggio on either side of Mamoun’s. Everything you need is here (from hummus to baklava), so you can fill up for a very low price and understand why Mamoun’s is one of the most beloved places in the city.

  • Addresses: Greenwich Village: 119 MacDougal St.; East Village: 30 St. Marks P.,
  • Telephone: 646-870-5785;
  • Website:

Long Island City, Queens

You can’t come to New York for international cuisine and not visit Queens. Shawarma Spot NYC on Steinway Street, a four-minute walk from the Museum of the Moving Image, has a good reputation for its chicken shawarma served with a choice of salad, rice or fries, white and spicy sauce. Open daily, 11:00 a.m. to 02:00 a.m., free shipping over $30 (within 5 miles/8 km)

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Wafa’s often appears on lists like this because its menu is based on Lebanese home cooking. Come to East Williamsburg (or order at a restaurant) for chicken and lamb shawarma marinated in spices, lemon and olive oil. It is served with rice and lentils or hummus and tabouli. You can also taste a piece of crispy honey baklava.

  • Address: 812 Grand St.;
  • Telephone: 718-576-3547;
  • Website:

Midtown East

Egyptian-born Omar Abuzaid has opened two restaurants in Midtown that draw people in with their unrivaled chicken shawarma. Seasoned with garlic mayonnaise, tahini and hot sauce, this shawarma is great. Takeaway orders come with a complimentary piece of baklava. And diners sitting in the restaurant can relax a little while dining in Midtown.

  • Addresses: East Midtown: 20 E. 39th St., 212-213-0009; Midtown: 154 E. 55th;
  • Telephone: 212-207-8302;
  • Website:

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