top 8 best lavender fields near new york

top 8 best lavender fields near new york
top 8 best lavender fields near new york

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New York City has some beautiful lavender fields that visitors can enjoy this summer. The only lavender field within New York City is on Governors Island, where visitors can pick a bouquet in a field overseen by Earth Matter NY. Lavender by the Bay in East Marion offers over 80,000 plants, while Orchard View Lavender Farm in Port Murray, NJ, provides free admission and a variety of lavender products. Happy Day Farm has a variety of plants, and Pleasant Valley Lavender offers cut bouquets and workshops. Hidden Spring Lavender, Princeton Lavender, and Greenwich Lavender Farm are also good options for visitors to enjoy the beautiful purple flowers.

top 8 best lavender fields near new york

There is nothing better than the soothing and uplifting scent of lavender, especially if the scent comes from the lavender field around you. Luckily, there are some incredible lavender fields in and around New York City that you can visit right now. Time Out published a list of the best of them.

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1. Field on Governors Island

Governors Island has the only lavender field within New York City. Delicate purple flowers perfectly complement the views of Castle Willa and Oyster Island. You can spend a relaxing day on the island picking a bouquet in a field of gently swaying lavender by the ocean. This is exactly the relaxing and calming activity that is so needed in this crazy year.

The field is overseen by Earth Matter NY, a city organization dedicated to promoting composting. Opened in 2017 complex The Lavender Field is not only an oasis of peace for New Yorkers, but also serves to attract pollinators.

2. Lavender by the Bay

Lavender by the Bay is an incredible lavender farm in East Marion. With over 80,000 plants growing on the 7 hectare farm, you can take incredible photos or simply enjoy the scent of the flowers.

But you need to correctly calculate the time of the trip – there are different flowering schedules. Be sure to check the website for up-to-date bloom dates before you hit the road. There is a souvenir shop on site where you can buy products from the farm.

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3. Orchard View Lavender Farm

Cut your own lavender at this small but gorgeous farm in Port Murray, NJ. By the way, admission is free. In addition to English and French varieties of lavender, the field has perennial gardens (hence the name of the farm). By the way, this farm does not use chemical pesticides and herbicides.

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Once you’ve admired the flowers, don’t rush to leave – there are beehives, historic buildings, and a shop that sells incredible lavender products, including lavender ice cream. There are events throughout the season, so be sure to check Orchard View Lavender Farm websiteto keep up to date.

4 Happy Day Farm

This 52-hectare farm grows more than just lavender. Here you can find a variety of plants – from pumpkins and corn maze in autumn to sunflowers, blueberries, raspberries and zinnias in summer. happy day farm in Manalapan, New Jersey hosts many different seasonal events.

5 Pleasant Valley Lavender

This beautiful English and French lavender farm is located in Morganville, New Jersey. The farm also offers cut bouquets, dried lavender, loose buds, sachets, soap, honey and whole plants for those unable to pick the flowers themselves. In the summer when there are no more flowers, the farm hosts amazing activities, including glass painting, professional photo shoots, lavender growing workshops and more. More information can be found on the farm’s website.

6. Hidden Spring Lavender

This farm in Skillman, New Jersey is the perfect place to take amazing photos in a sea of ​​purple flowers. Blooming 15 varieties of lavender can be seen for free. You can’t cut the flowers yourself, but you can find many great products at the farm shop. Farm Hidden Spring Lavender open on weekends. There are alpacas here – yes, you can feed and pet them.

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7 Princeton Lavender

This cute family farm grows and sells four varieties of lavender: Big Time Blue, Phenomenal, Sensational and Super Blue. These varieties have been specifically developed for the American Northeast climate. Guests can walk among the bushes on their own, but picking flowers is not allowed. You can buy fresh and dried lavender. In addition, on sale at Princeton Lavender Farm there are a variety of other foods such as lavender coffee, cold tea, lemonade, ice cream, and candied lavender flowers. Here you can tour the farm and feed the alpacas, ponies, goats.

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8Greenwich Lavender Farm

In this private farm, where yoga with goats was held in the recent past, you can walk among the flowers, but picking them is not allowed. If you want to make your own bouquet, the farm sells freshly cut flowers at the end of July. Other products are also available, from essential oils to whole plants.

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