top 5 interactive exhibitions in New York

top 5 interactive exhibitions in New York

No matter how much New Yorkers love their city, everyone wants to be transported to another space and time for at least a couple of minutes – at least this is the trend that museums, companies and artists are using.

Immersive exhibitions, events and experiences are popping up everywhere in New York City. Time Out has collected the most unusual exhibitions that promise to transport you to a new reality.

From exhibitions and theater performances to extraordinary digital art taking over vast spaces, there’s no shortage of new experiences to be had in New York City. So don’t miss the chance to experience something new and potentially exhilarating.

1. Exhibition “Chagall, Paris” in the Lumiere Hall

The lush and vibrant works of artist Marc Chagall come to life in the new immersive project Hall des Lumières. The exhibition, titled “Chagall, Paris-New York,” tells the story of a prolific artist who defied labels.

His work is projected onto the walls, ceilings and even the floor of his Lower Manhattan showroom in a larger-than-life scale. The exhibition “Chagall, Paris-New York” will last until 2024, tickets cost from $30 for adults.

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In addition to painting, Chagall used theater, costume, sculpture, ceramics, stained glass, mosaics and collage in his multidisciplinary palette. The immersive exhibition showcases all of these art forms, with stained glass being especially dazzling. His fantastic mythical creatures, circus characters and fable scenes dance across the walls.

In addition to the exhibition “Chagall, Paris-New York”, the Salle Lumiere also presents the exhibition “Kandinsky. Odyssey of Abstraction”, as well as “Endless Horizons” – an artistic journey through the landscape, created in collaboration with HKI-Hellohikimori.”

2. Beyond the light at ARTECHOUSE

Remember when NASA published the first images from the Webb telescope?

You can now admire never-before-seen images from the James Webb Space Telescope at the new ARTECHOUSE art center in Chelsea. The exhibition “Beyond the Light” will run until November 5th, with admission prices for adults starting at $25.

The exhibition “Beyond Light” is called “an artistic exploration of our invisible Universe.” The 25-minute cinematic audiovisual interpretation centers on how people have perceived light over time. The show is presented using the highest definition projection technology, making it a true feast for the senses. You’ll see new analytical galactic data obtained with the James Webb Space Telescope.

3. House of Cannabis – Weed Museum in New York

Many museums begin with an introduction to the exhibit, such as a map or remarks from a docent. But not The House of Cannabis (aka THC NYC), the new weed museum in SoHo. Instead, the museum begins, appropriately enough, with the bizarre “Chamber of Disorientation.”

The museum not only boasts a variety of multi-sensory experiences, but also displays of art, scientific developments and social justice issues related to the persecution of cannabis. The museum, the first of its kind on this scale, fills every inch of its four-story, 2,300-square-foot space. meters at 427 Broadway with fascinating facts and delightful immersive experiences to entertain smokers and non-smokers alike. Tickets are on sale now for $45.


The energy of INTER_, Manhattan’s newest art museum, feels more like a meditative retreat than a conventional gallery, and rightfully so.

The multi-sensory museum, now open in Soho, invites visitors into a heightened state of contemplation through a sound bath, light installations and meditation aspects combined with interactive digital art.

Inside the massive dome, called INTER_sensory, abstract digital art fills the walls with images reminiscent of earth, fire and water. Don’t miss the infinity room and water installation controlled by rotating crystal balls.

5. Sloomoo, slime museum

The Sloomoo Institute Slime Museum is a visual splendor, an olfactory wonder and a sensory delight – a fun playground for all ages.

Even though Sloomoo is an Instagrammable place, its creators hope that during your 90-minute visit you will take your mind off your phone and be in the moment to truly enjoy the experience. You’ll be able to crush vats of slime, make your own slime to take home, and even stand under a slime waterfall – it’s truly a thrilling experience.

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