This Train Gets the Best Fall Views in New York: Book Your Tickets Now

This Train Gets the Best Fall Views in New York: Book Your Tickets Now

The next two weeks will mark a major milestone for nature-loving travelers throughout the Northeastern United States as fall foliage season reaches its peak. But instead of suffering through traffic-choked roads or trekking miles to see the leaves change, the Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railway invites you to sit back, relax and enjoy it all from the comfort of your train seat. What kind of trip awaits you and where to buy tickets, Travel and Leisure told.

The journey begins in Milford, New York, a quaint little town located in the heart of the state. This railroad opened for travelers wanting to get from point A to point B in 1869. However, passenger train service was discontinued in 1934 until 1996, when the Leatherstocking Railway Historical Society purchased the line, renovated it and reopened it for seasonal passenger service in 1999. This also applies to the “Autumn Leaf Fall” excursions, which are being held right now.

“Journey along the tranquil Susquehanna River, through farm fields with stunning views and forests filled with colorful foliage,” the company’s website says. “Our open car with canopy allows you to enjoy the beauty at any time of the year.”

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The two-hour drive takes in stunning scenery of fall colors that guests can view from their seats through the massive windows. The train includes free snacks as well as food that can be purchased in the train’s dining car.

The only important note is that these are actual vintage train cars, which means they are not ADA compliant, so please be aware of this before you book your ticket.

A fall foliage trip isn’t the only fun activity you can do this fall. On October 21 and 22, the train also offers the Our Pumpkin Patch Express, which takes guests to a private pumpkin farm where they can pick a pumpkin, and the Trick-or-Treat Express, which provides bags for all children on board. However, tickets, like the fall foliage itself, are extremely limited. So if you want to catch the train, it’s best to buy tickets and get on board as soon as possible before the travel and foliage disappears.

You can find out more about the train, its schedule and buy tickets on the website.

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