they will show you a different side of the artist

they will show you a different side of the artist

The great artist Pablo Picasso is once again in the spotlight of art critics and art fans. New York galleries are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s death and offering a plunge into the world of the artist’s work, examining his works from different periods and styles.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Pablo Picasso worked for three months in a makeshift garage-studio in Fontainebleau (France), where he created masterpieces in the style of cubism and classicism. For the first time since then, these works were reunited in the exhibition “Picasso in Fontainebleau” at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

The exhibition “Picasso in Fontainebleau” is organized in chronological order, describing the summer of 1921, spent by the artist in Fontainebleau.

Picasso’s studio that summer was a garage space measuring 6 by 3 meters. Using the exact dimensions of the garage, MoMA created a replica of it so museum visitors could look inside and imagine how such large paintings could be created in a small space.

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In this garage, Picasso created the cubist painting “Three Musicians” with multi-colored geometric figures, as well as the classical painting “Three Women at the Spring” with references to Greco-Roman antiquity.

When: 7.10.2023 – 17.02.2024

Where: West 53rd Street

The Met Fifth Avenue

“Picasso: A Cubist Commission in Brooklyn” is the second in a series of specialized research exhibitions dedicated to Picasso in New York.

In 1910, Pablo Picasso began completing a commission to decorate the Brooklyn residence of the artist, collector and critic Hamilton Easter Field, whom he had met in Paris the year before. According to the artist’s plan, the walls of Field’s home library were to be decorated with eleven panels, forming an enveloping aesthetic whole. This project gave Picasso his first opportunity to move beyond easel painting and apply his radical Cubist style to decorative paintings of complex size and proportions.

The exhibition presented for the first time this little-known chapter of Picasso’s Cubist period.

When: 09/14/2023 – 01/14/2024

Where: 1000 5th Avenue

Hispanic Society Museum & Library

Exhibition “Picasso and The Spanish Classics” explores the artist’s relationship with one of the most influential novels in Spanish literature. The project focuses on a series of engravings made by Picasso at the end of his life (March-October 1968) on a single copy of the first edition of “The Tragicomedy of Calisto and Melibea” (Burgos, 1499) by Fernando de Rojas, better known as “Celestina” . In addition to the specific topic, the exhibition will touch upon Pablo Picasso’s attitude to literature, Spanish tradition, love and women.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a rich program of concerts, round tables and master classes.

When: 02.11.2023 – 04.02.2024

Where: 613 West 155th Street

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