there you can track rodents and learn life hacks to deal with them

there you can track rodents and learn life hacks to deal with them

The New York City Department of Health has launched a new rat-tracking portal in New York City, TimeOut reports. To help residents avoid unpleasant encounters with rats and plan their city walks, a new interactive rat map of New York has been introduced. Now you can find out where the most rodents are in the city and how to deal with them.

New York’s war on rats continues, and it seems that people have every chance of winning. The number of calls about rat activity throughout the city has decreased by 20% this summer compared to the same period last year. New efforts to contain the rat population within five boroughs have been successful.

The color-coded Rat Portal shows which establishments had rat activity the last time they were inspected by the NYC Health Department, which locations were inspected, which locations were not inspected, and more. Users can enter any address to get an updated, localized rat report.

If you are looking for rat-free areas, you can plan to stay in the green areas on the map, while the pink areas are likely to have a higher rat population.

Under the close supervision of inspectors

Rodent activity monitoring is performed personally by New York City Department of Health inspectors who look for signs of active rat and mouse activity, including fresh waste, burrows, footprints, fresh bite marks, live or dead rats. The object that passed the test does not have such obvious signs of the presence of rodents.

Rat activity means that one or more of these signs have been observed, the subject has not been tested and must correct the problem, disinfect and register for re-inspection.

In addition, the New York City Department of Health’s brand new Rat Portal helps residents easily access tips and tricks to prevent rats. Departmental Advice: Keep it clean, don’t feed them, and call 311 to file a rodent complaint if you want to turn in disturbing local rats.

As New York City Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch said in 2022, “The rats don’t run the city, we do.”

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