the victim’s father forgave her and asked her not to judge

the victim’s father forgave her and asked her not to judge
the victim’s father forgave her and asked her not to judge

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A woman, Claudia Mendez-Vazquez, has been charged with negligent homicide after driving onto a stop sign and hitting a 7-year-old girl from Queens who later died in hospital. However, the victim’s father has urged that no punishment be enacted against Mendez-Vazquez, expressing that he has forgiven her for the unintentional act. The tragic accident, which prompted the victim’s 11-year-old brother to petition for a traffic light installation at the intersection, led to over 32,000 signatures on and the decision by the city’s Department of Transportation to install a traffic light.

the victim’s father forgave her and asked her not to judge

A woman who drove onto a stop sign and hit a 7-year-old girl from Queens to death has been charged with a crime. At the same time, the father of the victim said that he forgave her and urged her not to punish. The New York Post writes about it.

Claudia Mendez-Vazquez, 46, was charged with negligent homicide on February 17. Then died little Dolma Nadkhuum, who was returning home from the park with her older brother and mother. The Mendez-Vasquez SUV hit the girl at the intersection of Newtown Road and 45th Street.

The girl was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital, where she died.

The tragedy came to the attention of local authorities after Dolma’s 11-year-old brother, Tsering Tashi Takgye, pleaded with the city to put up a traffic light at the intersection. For this, they even created a petition on the website, which collected more than 32,000 signatures.

The city’s Department of Transportation announced that a traffic light would be installed at the intersection at the request of the heartbroken family.

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While the girl’s father, Tsering Wangu, expressed his joy at the traffic light’s installation, he said he pleaded with the authorities not to charge the driver.

“They should do it, but on my part I told them not to charge her. I already forgave her,” he said. “It was unintentional.”

“I don’t want to hurt her. If I bring charges against her, I will harm her and her family. I do not want it. This is for me and my family, and we will deal with this in any way,” Vangu added. “We don’t want other people to suffer.”

The Department of Transportation said the woman ignored the stop sign and did not have the proper license – she had a student’s license but there were no adults with licenses in the car, as expected.

She also had the legal amount of alcohol in her system after the accident, the department said.

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