the mystery of their appearance was solved for several days

the mystery of their appearance was solved for several days
the mystery of their appearance was solved for several days

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An American woman, Nina Jochnowitz, received an unusual complaint from a resident of Old Bridge, New Jersey, who reported seeing large amounts of pasta discarded by a stream in the nearby forest. Jochnowitz confirmed the report and found over 100kg of uncooked pasta of various shapes strewn on the ground. The area is infamous for being used as a dumping ground for waste. Jochnowitz suggested that the mess highlights the lack of garbage collection in the area and commented that it might be time to consider employing a dedicated waste disposal service.

the mystery of their appearance was solved for several days

Nina Jochnowitz met thousands of her neighbors when she ran for local council a few years ago. She lost the election, but has since been receiving complaints from residents of Old Bridge, New Jersey. They usually call her because of fireworks, ATVs or garbage on the roadsides, reports New York Times. But last week the complaint was extremely unusual.

She got a call from a woman who said, “There’s a lot of pasta thrown out by the stream.” Jochnowitz thought the woman was exaggerating and went to see. What she found confirmed that it was more than just an overturned bowl of pasta.

Someone dumped hundreds of pounds of spaghetti and pasta in various shapes on the bank of a stream in a wooded area. In this place, according to Jochnowitz, people often throw away building materials, bed frames and furniture.

“The pile of discarded pasta was 25 feet long,” she said.

Jochnowitz estimated that between 136 and 226 kilograms of pasta lay in the forest.

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She filmed it all on her phone, sent a letter to a city official to report the find, and posted the photos on Facebook.

Screenshot from Facebook/Nina Jochnowitz for Old Bridge

The find interested the townspeople

Soon, theories arose in the city about who and why could throw pasta. Was it the food provider for the wedding that was canceled at the last minute? Or maybe a restaurant that cooked for a football team that never showed up?

“That’s all they talk about in Old Bridge,” said Denise Bloom, administrator of a local Facebook group that called the situation the “Great Pasta Case of 2023.”

For Jochnowitz, the pasta is new evidence of the problem of the lack of a garbage collection service in Old Bridge, home to about 67,000 people.

“This has been a point of contention for many years,” she said.

As a result, the Police Department sent an officer to the scene, who began investigating the case. Two public works employees cleaned up the pasta “in less than an hour and properly disposed of it.”

Although Jochnowitz stated that the pasta was cooked, after cleaning it was revealed that it was uncooked pasta that had softened in the rain.

Mystery solved, but not completely

Jochnowitz said she eventually found out who threw away the pasta. And that it was not a restaurant.

“All I know is that this was not an enterprise,” she said. – It was a private house. And I communicate with the family through a person who knows her.”

She declined to say more, saying she didn’t want people who threw away the pasta to get unwanted attention.

“Now I’m laughing, but that’s a lot of pasta,” Jochnowitz said. “I hope whoever did this doesn’t eat so many carbs.”

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