The Ghostbusters headquarters operates in New York: how to find it

The Ghostbusters headquarters operates in New York: how to find it

Situated in the heart of vibrant Tribeca, Firehouse Hook & Ladder 8 is one of the city’s most entertaining attractions, blending architectural beauty, pop culture, and the valiant service of New York’s firefighters.

New York Gid shared facts about New York’s most famous fire station, which has won the hearts of tourists and locals.

1. How the fire station became the Ghostbusters headquarters

The film’s script was written by actor Dan Aykroyd, who also played one of the main roles in the film (Raymond “Ray” Stantz) and was the person who chose this building as the Ghostbusters office.

In the summer of 1983, the film crew arrived in New York to film the film, which later became a cult classic. Only exterior scenes were filmed on the streets of New York, of which there were quite a lot – the film featured the Public Library, Central Park, the Upper West Side and many other attractions. Interior scenes were filmed in Hollywood studios and one of the closed Los Angeles fire stations.

During filming of the first film, the team worked closely with the New York City Fire Department to ensure filming did not disrupt the daily operations of the fire station.

The fire station also appeared in the 1989 sequel Ghostbusters II. In the second installment, its exterior was once again used as a team base, cementing its status as a cult property for film fans around the world.

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In the 2016 remake of Ghostbusters: Call Back, the firehouse makes a brief cameo appearance when the team considers it as their headquarters but ultimately finds the $21,000 per month rent too expensive. This nod to the original films and the iconic fire station delighted fans and highlighted the building’s connection to the franchise.

2. How fans of the film support the fire department

Over the years, Ghostbusters fans have been active supporters of the fire department. It faced closure in 2011 due to city budget cuts, but a public campaign backed by Mayor Bill de Blasio and actor Steve Buscemi (a former New York City firefighter) saved the day. As a result of this campaign, $6 million was invested in the fire station from 2016 to 2018 to ensure its continued operation.

In 2021, fans raised funds and donated a full-size replica of the Ghostbusters sign to the fire department, which now hangs above the main entrance year-round. Every June, the fire department hosts a Ghostbusters Day celebration, which features a fundraiser for the station and a fun meet-and-greet for fans dressed in costumes with a replica Ghost Car.

3. Where is the Ghostbusters headquarters located?

In the film, the Ghostbusters’ office is located in an abandoned fire station in New York City. In real life, the building is the operating fire station Hook & Ladder Company 8, located at 14 North Moore Street in Tribeca (Tribeca) in Manhattan.

4. For Halloween lovers

The starting point of the New York City Halloween Parade is just a few steps from the station, so we recommend stopping by and taking memorable photos. As a bonus, you may have the opportunity to see New York firefighters dressed in Ghostbusters costumes.

5. In other films

In addition to its fame from Ghostbusters, Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8 appeared in the film Rules of the Hitch. The first scene of the film was filmed in this fire station.

The exterior of the building was briefly shown in the opening credits of Friends from seasons 8 to 10, as well as in the 17th episode of the third season of Sex and the City. In this episode, Miranda accidentally sets her neighbor’s curtains on fire while trying to light a cigarette, and the fire department is called to the scene.

6. What is there now

Despite its cinematic fame, Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8 remains active in service to the TriBeCa area and surrounding area. The brave firefighters of Hook & Ladder No. 8 were among the first to arrive at the site of the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

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7. History

The fire station building was designed by architect Alexander Stevens in 1903 and was one of the first fire stations built in the Beaux-Arts style in New York City. This architectural masterpiece laid the foundation for the construction of several other fire stations in this style.

Perhaps, after reading our article, you wondered: “Why does the fire station have such a name?” The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) uses several ways to designate its fire departments and stations.

The terms “hook and ladder” and “engine” are commonly used to refer to fire engines. The term “hook and ladder” refers to a type of truck equipped with a long ladder and various tools for rescue operations. The term “engine” refers to a vehicle equipped with water pumps and hoses that are used to fight fires. These vehicles are often identified by their division numbers, which are displayed on the vehicles themselves.

As for fire stations, FDNY stations are usually designated by their company names, which are based on the department numbers of the vehicles assigned to them. For example, a fire station that houses a water pump engine would be designated “Engine X” (where the “X” represents the department number), whereas a station that houses a ladder engine would be designated “Ladder X.”

Thus the name “Hook & Ladder No.” was born. 8”, where Hook & Ladder is the fire truck type and 8 is the department number.

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