the family adopted two children separately, and they turned out to be blood brother and sister

the family adopted two children separately, and they turned out to be blood brother and sister

An amazing story happened in one of the families on Staten Island. The brother and sister, who were adopted a year and a half apart into the same family, have learned that they are actually blood relatives, according to CBS News.

Claudia, a cardiologist, recalls the first time she saw Vicki at the University of Richmond Medical Center in 2004. “I opened the stall and saw this little precious creature hidden under the toilet bowl and wrapped in a blanket,” she says. Vicki was then only a few days old. “I just picked her up and ran to the clinic,” says Claudia.

On Tuesday, 19-year-old Vicki and Claudia visited for the first time the place where her mother left her. What was a bathroom at the time has now become an electrical room.

“Now, knowing the whole story, I understand that this is too much, but in a good way,” she said. Vicki always knew that she was adopted, but she didn’t know exactly how her journey began.

“All my life I have known Claudia as a close friend of my mom,” she says. Just over a month ago, she found out that Claudia had indeed found her and cared for her until her family took her home.

“Claudia has been her angel since day one,” says Vicky’s mother, Angela.

Angela and Dennis adopted Vicki, turning a family of four into a big, close-knit family of five. They had two boys, biological son Nicholas and adopted son Frank, who was found in a diaper bag on the steps of Bellamy’s Christian Kindergarten.

DNA analysis

Twenty-year-old Frank also recently learned his full story and became interested in his ancestry. Angela helped him with this by providing datasets from According to her, she told Frank and Vicki that they were both from Staten Island and could be related. Frank applied first, Vicki a little later.

Adopted siblings, who were abandoned as babies in Staten Island and adopted into the same family in the early 2000s, studied their ancestry, and what they learned shocked them to the core. “I got a match. My brother turned out to be my own brother, my biological brother,” Vicki says.

“I was driving home, and she called me, she said, like, “Oh God, we are biologically related,” and I was like, “Yeah, okay, whatever you say.” I had no idea that I had been living with my own sister all my life. It’s crazy,” Frank says. For years, people have asked children if they were related? And Frank and Vicky always said no because they didn’t know it was true.

“How could I miss this? I couldn’t miss it. These are my children,” said Angela. The children were found with a difference of a year and a half, and they ended up in the same family. The odds are insane and the story is beautiful.

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