the city is shaking due to the war in Israel

the city is shaking due to the war in Israel

Before the Hamas attack on October 8, the NYPD recorded 161 complaints of anti-Jewish sentiment in 2023. Since then, another 35 complaints have been recorded. There has also been an increase in complaints about anti-Muslim protests, with seven reported throughout the year and five more in the past three weeks, according to NBC New York.

An attack on a Muslim girl riding the New York subway to school is being investigated by police as another possible hate crime against the victim’s religion. According to police, a 16-year-old girl was riding a southbound 5 train approaching Union Square when a man sat next to her. The man told the girl: “You are a terrorist, you don’t belong here,” and then pulled her hijab.

Another passenger intervened and helped the girl, a police source said. The man ran away and police are still searching for him. Police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime and no charges have been filed.

“I really sympathize with her, her family and all the residents of the city. We are going through a difficult time right now,” said Detective Mohamed Amen. “But I want to assure her and everyone else that the police department truly cares about everyone in the city.”

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Following the deadly Hamas attacks in Israel earlier this month, the NYPD has been confronted with a number of hate crimes. On October 14, a Jewish woman was attacked in the metro in the city center. In this incident, the 29-year-old victim was accidentally struck in the face by a man in the aisle of the 7 train at the Grand Central-42nd Street station.

When she asked the attacker why he hit her in the face, he replied that it was simply because “you are Jewish.” After this, the man fled the station, and the victim escaped with minor injuries.

Alarming statistics

Before the Hamas attack on Israel, the NYPD recorded 161 anti-Jewish complaints in 2023. After the attack, another 35 complaints were registered. The attacks have also seen an increase in complaints about anti-Muslim protests, with seven reported over the course of the year and five more in recent weeks.

Burhan Carroll, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in New York, said the organization has been “inundated with calls for help lately.” The organization says it has received several first-hand reports of rising Islamophobia.

“People are scared. They are very afraid to just go about their daily business,” Carroll said.

The NYPD says many hate crimes go unreported, but Detective Amen says it’s important for community members to speak out. “Reporting a crime is very important to stop these people from doing this to someone else,” Amen said. – If you cross the line, break the law, it will be on your conscience. No matter who you are. We will not tolerate this.”

The NYPD said it has officers who speak dozens of languages ​​and that anyone who wants to report a problem can ask to speak with someone they can identify with.

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