The cheapest ways to fly to Europe from New York this year

The cheapest ways to fly to Europe from New York this year

Traveling to Europe is always a good idea. But with current inflation, you might think airfare would be too expensive. Simple Flying has collected information on all available transatlantic routes. Hurry up to book your ticket and enjoy the last days of summer.

New York — London

If you want to fly between these two huge cities for a week-long summer vacation, there are several relatively affordable options. Of the 2,776 possible routes between these cities during the second half of August (August 15 to 31), the cheapest fares are offered by a full-service network carrier.

This market is served by two low cost airlines: Icelandic PLAY and Norse Atlantic Airways. Both airlines offer competitive prices on this route starting at $709. However, both of these carriers provide limited flight options and charge for almost everything from food to upgrades.

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Surprisingly, all of the lowest fares on this route are booked through Virgin Atlantic, including flights from the UK carrier itself and the airline’s SkyTeam partners. The cheapest route in August departs New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) on Monday, August 21 and returns on Tuesday, August 29 from London Heathrow International Airport (LHR), costing only $633 there and back.

Notably, as a full-service carrier, Virgin Atlantic offers much greater ticketing flexibility and improved levels of service.

New York – Paris

Norse Atlantic Airways, which has a hub at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), is offering the lowest fares on this route in the specified time frame at $590 for a flight departing Paris on August 23 and returning to New York on August 30.

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering long-term low-budget travel, including baggage fees, meal fees, and potential seat selection fees for families who wish to sit together. For those looking for a full service alternative, British Airways offers the lowest fares available, but must be booked through oneworld alliance partner American Airlines. These fares start at $630 and require a connecting route through the LHR airport.

What to do if your route is not listed above

Typically, long-haul low-cost carriers Norse Atlantic Airways and PLAY Airlines offer some of the lowest fares on most transatlantic routes and are worth looking into first. Also, some of Norse and PLAY’s lowest prices don’t always show up on travel booking sites.

Second, check out the specific itinerary on a website like and be sure to filter for both upcoming dates and alternative airports. Generally, CheapOair is very good at validating fares booked through partner airlines (e.g. British Airways fares booked through American).

And finally, if prices are about the same between traditional carriers and low-cost airlines, check the total cost, including the cost of baggage, seat selection and other flight characteristics, to make sure that you are really not overpaying. Lastly, don’t forget to check for promotional offers or ticket discounts from specific airlines.

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