Ten rules of life in the USA that immigrants from post-Soviet countries are not ready for

Ten rules of life in the USA that immigrants from post-Soviet countries are not ready for

Preparing to move to America, we study complex rules and laws, but often ignore everyday trifles. And then they spoil our ideal (in our minds) American life. Here are some rules in the US that confuse immigrants from post-Soviet countries. They were collected by We Project.


Each state in America has its own laws regarding fishing regulations. A license is required to fish. Each state individually determines the cost of the license and what fish can be caught. Violation may result in a fine or even punishment in the form of restriction of freedom.

Private territory

In the US, if you park on someone else’s private property, your car may be towed, you may be fined, the police may be called, or even a weapon may be used against you.

Rules for walking pets

If you do not clean up after your pet on the street, you will also be given a rather large fine. We advise a person who walks his dog to take a small roll of bags with him so that he can clean everything up right away.


In the United States, it is legal to photograph and film people as long as they are in a public place. When a person has moved to a non-mass gathering place, taking photos and videos will be regarded as a violation of private rights.

Smoking in public places

Smoking in the United States is prohibited in public places, including restaurants, cafes, bars, office premises and more. It’s the same as with fishing: each state has its own rules. For example, in New York State it is prohibited to smoke in parks, squares, beaches, and embankments.

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Small talk

Try to smile and be polite when interacting with people. In the US, it is common to ask people you meet, “How are you?”, but you don’t have to recount your entire day, you can simply answer briefly: “Okay, thank you.” The main thing is to be friendly.

Pirated content

In the United States, purchasing or distributing unlicensed software is prohibited. For downloading pirated movies or music, you will most likely get off with just a warning. But for distribution there is a fine.

Tipping culture

Tipping culture in the United States has become a mandatory element of service. The generally accepted norm is 15-20% of the invoice amount. In fine dining establishments they usually leave 20-25%. In a taxi, if the trip is longer than five or ten minutes, the taxi driver will wait 10-15% of the cost of the trip. Tips are also expected to be left in hotels, hotels and food delivery services.


When communicating with Americans, choose your words carefully. It is better not to touch on topics of race and politics. Be respectful and tactful to your interlocutor.

Public transport

The main means of transportation in most states is personal vehicles.

Public transport in the United States is poorly developed. Most often in American cities there is an underground-ground high-speed tram. Buses remain the most common public transport. True, public transport is well developed in New York, but this is an exception.

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