Russian-speaking immigrants who are running for New York City Council in 2023

Russian-speaking immigrants who are running for New York City Council in 2023

Every four years, the United States elects a president. But most of all, the everyday lives of Americans are influenced by local elections. The city council member in each of the 51 municipal districts is typically elected to a four-year term, but the Nov. 7, 2023, election is held two years after the last election due to post-census redistricting.

A city council member is involved in approving the city budget, passes laws, and can even override the mayor’s veto. It is important for residents to have their voice heard and for this reason they take their will seriously. In most cases, residents choose their own, someone they know well and trust.

What can we say about migrants, for whom the adaptation period lasts for many years. Everyone wants to feel safe and know that their rights will be protected. This year, 4 of our fellow countrymen, Russian-speaking migrants, are running for the New York City Council. Each of them had their own path to the United States, their own personal history and reasons for moving, but they achieved success, they are trusted and their opinions are listened to.

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Ari Kagan (Republican Party) – Member of the New York City Council. In December 2022, Kagan left the Democratic Party, of which he had been a member for 10 years, and became a Republican. Kagan is running for re-election to the New York City Council, representing the 47th District.

Kagan was born in Minsk in 1967. His parents were Holocaust survivors. He immigrated as a refugee to the United States with his family in May 1993, following the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the United States, he attended the Cyclin School of Business at Baruch College and received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing and Advertising in 1999.

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Kagan worked as a community liaison for Supervisors John Liu and Scott Stringer, as an aide to Congressman Michael McMahon, and then as director of county operations for Councilman Mark Trager before succeeding Trager on the City Council.

Inna Vernikov (Republican Party) – Member of the New York City Council, representing the 48th District. Vernikov is also a democrat turned republican, a staunch defender of the interests of Israel. She also said she would fight to restore funding to the NYPD. He promises to advocate for merit-based education and will also seek to ban homeless shelters near schools.

Inna Vernikov was born in Chernivtsi; at the age of 12 she immigrated with her family to the United States. She received her bachelor’s degree from Baruch College and her J.D. from Florida Coastal School of Law. Growing up in Brooklyn, Vernikov worked as an immigration and divorce attorney before running for City Council.

Igor Kazatsker (Team Trump) is running for the New York City Council District 48 seat. Kazatzker is on the November 7, 2023 general election ballot. Kazatzker lost in the Republican primary on June 27, 2023.

Kazatzker comes from Ukraine, the glorious city of Odessa. He moved to America in 2000. He ran for New York City Council for the first time in the Republican primary for the 48th District in Brooklyn. Kazatzker is confident that the experience of an engineer, teacher, journalist, and businessman acquired before emigrating to America will help the meme in its future work if voters support it.

Ruslan Shamal (Safe Streets SI Party) is running for election to the New York City Council in the 49th District. A strong supporter of the NYPD and public safety, he also makes supporting small businesses and revitalizing the North Shore economy his priorities.

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