Prince William came to New York and even swam in the East River

Prince William came to New York and even swam in the East River

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, made an exciting visit to New York, full of unexpected events and important meetings. His short trip left an unforgettable experience for both himself and local residents, ABC7 reported.

The first stop after the plane was Governors Island. There he was greeted by Billion Oyster Project volunteers, as well as students from the New York Harbor Island School, who had just been told about the royal family’s visit that morning.

During the visit, Prince William visited an oyster hatchery and toured the island’s “Shell Pile,” a mound of shells donated by New York City area restaurants that are subsequently used as a resource to restore oyster reefs.

“This is a great use of food waste,” William noted. He then joined high school students and went into the water with Billion Oyster Project volunteers to check out the reef in the waters near Brooklyn Bridge Park. Like the high school students, this group of students was not told who was coming until William arrived.

The Billion Oyster Project is a non-profit organization working to restore oyster reefs in New York Harbor. The reefs that once thrived in New York Harbor provided habitat for many marine species, filtered water, and helped protect New York’s coastline from damage caused by storms.

Main reason for visit

The prince also met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. They discussed the Earthshot Prize’s close alignment with the goals of the United Nations, the Secretary-General’s recent trip to Nairobi for the Africa Climate Summit, and their shared hope that COP28 will deliver meaningful results.

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Founded by HRH Prince William, the Earthshot Prize is a catalytic global environmental challenge designed to unleash urgent optimism and action by discovering, accelerating, rewarding, highlighting and scaling solutions to restore and regenerate the planet.

Celebrating Climate Week in New York, against the backdrop of the 78th United Nations General Assembly, Bloomberg Philanthropies and The Earthshot Prize will host the second annual Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit on September 19, aimed at accelerating the investments needed to scale cutting-edge technologies. solutions developed by award winners and finalists.

The Innovation Summit will identify this year’s 15 finalists and showcase their innovative climate and environmental solutions to restore our planet this decade. To drive meaningful change, the Summit will bring together new and previous Earthshot Prize finalists and winners with visionary business leaders, philanthropists and governments already working to revitalize the planet.

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