On the beach where the shark attacked the Ukrainian, the predator was found again: everyone was evacuated from the water

On the beach where the shark attacked the Ukrainian, the predator was found again: everyone was evacuated from the water

Officials on August 11 at Rockaway Beach in New York expelled everyone who swims in it from the water after a shark was again seen near the shore. The beach has only recently opened after a predator attacked a Ukrainian woman. The Fox News edition told in more detail.

Only two days since Rockaway Beach reopened after a shark attack on a Ukrainian woman. Caretakers urgently pulled swimmers and surfers out of the water.

The aggressive animal was seen with the help of a drone.

Ukrainian Tatyana Koltunyuk, 65, lost 20 pounds (9 kg) of flesh in her upper left thigh during a shark attack on August 7 in the evening on Rockaway Beach.

The unconscious woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but her condition has since been changed to a serious, non-life-threatening condition.

On the subject: Shark detection drones appeared on the beaches of New York: how they work

In the aftermath of the shark attack, officials said they would increase the number of drones and other means of monitoring the waters off the coast of Rockaway Beach.

There have been no attacks by these predators on this beach recently.

First Deputy Fire Commissioner (FDNY) Joseph Pfeiffer said warmer waters as a result of climate change are partly to blame.

Drones to detect sharks on the beaches of New York

Predator on Rockaway Beach was discovered using a special drone. Such devices will fly over the beaches of New York until the end of the summer, writes ABC7NY.

“The drone can fly up. These are additional eyes in the sky, and we can get closer to the water, ”explained NYPD Inspector Frank DiGiacomo.

“I think it’s a good move to watch sharks,” said Ciara Gaglio.

Drones rise at 09:00, before the opening of the beach, and scan the water for danger.

However, Jesus Scott says the drones make him feel less secure. He used to swim every day, but that was before the recent shark attack.

“If the drones are somewhere there, then there is something there. If they are in the air every day all summer, I will not go into the water, ”he said.

While both the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and the FDNY are set to use drones for the remainder of the summer, the city hopes to have Parks Department staff trained to fly their own shark-watching drones by next summer.

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