New York Business School teacher uses ChatGPT 50-70 times a day: how AI makes life easier

New York Business School teacher uses ChatGPT 50-70 times a day: how AI makes life easier
New York Business School teacher uses ChatGPT 50-70 times a day: how AI makes life easier

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Conor Grennan, a curator at New York University, uses an artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbot called ChatGPT to improve his personal and professional life. ChatGPT, developed by engineers at OpenAI, is a neural network chatbot that engages in conversation with users and provides relevant information. Grennan uses the chatbot for tasks ranging from business plan writing to solving small problems. ChatGPT can also help job seekers create resumes that algorithms will approve, provide ways of making contacts with colleagues, and answer questions about various topics. Users can subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for access to faster results and the latest updates.

New York Business School teacher uses ChatGPT 50-70 times a day: how AI makes life easier

Conor Grennan is a curator at the Stern School of Business at New York University. He turns to artificial intelligence (AI) for help dozens of times a day through ChatGPT. Grennan is sure that AI is the most ideal partner for brainstorming, but many do not know how to use it correctly. Grennan spoke about how ChatGPT has made his life easier in an Insider column.

ChatGPT is a neural network (artificial intelligence) based chatbot developed by OpenAI engineers. Its main tasks are to maintain a dialogue with the user and provide relevant information upon request.

“If you want to write a business plan, it will take you a week – lots of brainstorming, talking to people and doing market research. ChatGPT will do it in 30 minutes, but you have to give it those 30 minutes. I subscribed to ChatGPT Plus. It works faster, you have access to the latest updates and there are no connection problems. I use ChatGPT 50 to 70 times a day. So paying $20 a month for it is ridiculously low for the benefit I get from it,” says Grennan.

You can use ChatGPT to improve your personal and professional life in any industry.

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What can ChatGPT do:

1. Find you a job

HR teams use digital algorithms to identify the best candidates. If they use algorithms, then why can’t applicants also use algorithms, that is, a neural network to create a relevant resume?

How to make a request to ChatGPT: “I will give you a job ad and also describe my work experience. Please guide me on how to modify my experience description to more closely match the potential algorithms that a staffing company might use for this job.”

Then you simply apply his ideas and make your own adjustments if necessary.

2. Make contacts with colleagues

Be extremely careful here! Artificial intelligence often confuses people with the same surnames and without a twinge of conscience attributes the qualities of John Smith to Jim Smith. So first make sure ChatGPT or its “colleague” Bing has found the right person.

How to make a request to ChatGPT: “Give me five professional theses that can match this person’s beliefs. And three personal interests that could bring us closer.”

It is better to check the received data, just in case, using a Google search or in another way.

3. Learn something new

Even within a circle of close friends, there is a limit to how many questions you can ask before you feel uncomfortable.

ChatGPT will answer all your questions in as much depth as you want. He will give real life examples that you can understand and relate to abstract concepts. And he will give a definition of terminology that you could not understand for a long time. Just start asking.

4. Solve everyday problems

Artificial intelligence will tell you how to solve small problems, such as finding the right wording, setting up your iPhone, or removing superglue from your fingers. Yes, all this can be found on Google, but ChatGPT does not require long searching and scrolling through sites. He just tells you. And if the solution doesn’t work, you can say, “Hey, that didn’t work.”

“When I got super glue on my fingers, ChatGPT gave me four ways to solve the problem. And in conclusion, he reminded that you need to be patient so as not to harm yourself, ”argued Grennan.

5. Speed ​​up mail parsing

There are email threads in Gmail that say “There are 16 emails in the thread.” And you think, “Oh my God, I have to read them all to understand what to do.” Not at all necessary! ChatGPT will do this for you.

Open the thread in a new window, copy and paste it into ChatGPT with the request: “Tell me, please, is there a request for any actions from me in this thread?”. He will answer “yes” or “no”, and then you can ask him to retell the essence of the whole chain in 2-3 sentences.

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