New York bus and subway fares to rise this fall

New York bus and subway fares to rise this fall
New York bus and subway fares to rise this fall

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New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has proposed an increase in subway and bus fares from $2.75 to $2.90 by Labor Day. Meanwhile, weekly MetroCards will cost $34 and 30-day MetroCards will be $132. The proposal includes a 4% increase in fares on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North. Public hearings are due to be held in June and the board will vote on the tariff increase in July to ensure it takes effect by September. The MTA cited the need for fare increases to keep the transit system running, but passengers have expressed their disapproval.

New York bus and subway fares to rise this fall

The New York City Transportation Authority (MTA) is proposing an increase in subway and bus fares to $2.90 by Labor Day (September 4). ABC7NY writes about it.

This is 15 cents up from the current base rate of $2.75 and the first rate increase since 2019.

“Many stations are still dirty,” said passenger John Delaruse. “I don’t see the point in raising the price right now.”

Weekly MetroCards will increase by a dollar to $34, and 30-day MetroCards will increase by $5 to $132.

The express bus fare will increase by a quarter to $7, and the seven-day pass will increase by $2 to $64.

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The toll increase planned for this year will be closer to the standard 4% increase. As a rule, the fare increases every two years. Initially, the fee increase was to be 5.5%.

Passengers were not very happy with this state of affairs.

“I understand if they think they have to do it,” commuter Kevin Weaver said. – I can not afford it. So I will walk.”

Even MTA Citizens Advisory Committee Executive Director Lisa Daghlian acknowledged that fare increases are necessary to keep the transit system running.

“We need to improve the discount options for passengers, ensure fairness on upgrades so that those who can’t afford it have access to more options,” Daghlian said.

The last increase in fares on trains and buses was in 2019. There was no fare increase in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to buses and subways, fares on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North will also increase by about 4%.

The MTA also expects that with Manhattan’s congestion charge, more commuters will want to use the subway and commuter trains.

Public hearings will be held in June, and in July the board will vote to ensure that the tariff increase takes effect by September.

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