New York bridge and tunnel tolls to rise next week

New York bridge and tunnel tolls to rise next week

Tolls for bridges and tunnels operated by the New York City Transportation Administration (MTA) will rise just after midnight on Sunday (August 6), writes the New York Daily News.

Traditionally, there are three options for the fare on main bridges and tunnels in New York (we are talking about the Verrazzano, Whitestone, Throgs Neck and RFK/Triborough bridges, as well as the Queens Midtown and Hugh L. Carey Brooklyn Battery tunnels):

  1. If you are using E-ZPassthe fare will increase by about 6% to $6.94 (now it is $6.55).
  2. If you do not have an E-ZPass and you pay for bridges and tunnels through mail billsthen the fee will increase from $10.17 to $11.19 (10%).
  3. Drivers with an E-ZPass whose tag is not read by toll sensorswill pay 9% more – $9.11 instead of $8.36.

Other bridges and tunnels

Tolls will also increase on other MTA bridges and tunnels that the agency considers non-essential.

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Tolls on the Henry Hudson Bridge from August 6th will cost:

  • for E-ZPass – $ 3.18 (6% more than now);
  • mail bills – $8.25 (+10%);
  • E-ZPass, which is not readable – $5.04 (+9%).

On the Cross Bay and Marine Parkway bridges, the toll will be:

  • for E-ZPass – $2.60 (+6%);
  • mail bills – $5.60 (+10%);
  • E-ZPass not being read – $4.11 (cheaper by 19%).

The toll increase will be even tougher for out-of-state motorists. E-ZPass fares only apply to drivers whose tags are registered with E-ZPass New York. Motorists who received their E-ZPass tags in New Jersey or any of the other 17 states using the system will pay a higher rate (equal to that applied to mail-in bills for New Yorkers).

At the same time, the MTA representative noted that residents of any state have the right to register for an E-ZPass tag in New York, and pay low fares.

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