Mini-golf course overlooking East River to open in Williamsburg

Mini-golf course overlooking East River to open in Williamsburg
Mini-golf course overlooking East River to open in Williamsburg

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Brooklyn’s waterfront neighborhood of Williamsburg will offer an 18-hole mini golf course aimed at raising awareness of climate change. The Putting Green course features designs by community groups, institutions, local artists and environmental organisations, which showcase themes relating to animal habitats, energy and green infrastructure. The more notable features at the site include a globe made from excess peat and recycled bottle caps, while the hedge around the course has been created using 100% recycled tyres. A small portion of the profits will be donated to organisations in New York City focusing on climate change.

Mini-golf course overlooking East River to open in Williamsburg

Two years ago, Two Tree Management introduced the Putting Green 18-hole climate change mini golf course with the goal of educating and educating visitors about climate change in a fun and creative way. The field is due to open on May 26 this year. Secret NYC writes about it.

Local artists, environmental organizations, institutions, and community and school groups across the city worked together to develop a course to address “some of the most pressing climate change challenges facing our planet.”

Each hole focuses on a specific theme related to climate change, ranging from animal habitats, energy, green and blue infrastructure and emissions.

The centerpiece of the design is a large globe made from leftover peat and recycled plastic bottle caps.

In addition, the curb around the track is made from 100% recycled tires, and each plant on display was deliberately chosen “for the properties of its natural habitat and to complement the existing landscape.”

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“This mini golf course is an opportunity to start a conversation with people of all ages about climate change and its implications,” said Two Trees Managing Director David Lombino.

“We are confident that Putting Green will help facilitate much-needed conversations about how to protect the environment and the Williamsburg waterfront in particular, while providing a beautiful vacation spot for everyone,” Lombino added.

Offering fairly low prices ($10 for adults and $5 for kids/seniorities), this place is accessible to all members of the community.

A portion of the profits generated will be donated to New York City organizations that prioritize climate change.

Next to the River Street Farm Collective (an area for composting, sustainable farming practices, in addition to research and education), Putting Green visitors have even more opportunities to discuss climate change.

Last year, food trucks and local businesses provided food and drink to both Putting Green visitors and the River Street Farm staff, and they will likely return this season as well.

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