Man who strangled rowdy on subway charged with murder

Man who strangled rowdy on subway charged with murder
Man who strangled rowdy on subway charged with murder

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Daniel Penny, a US Marine Corps veteran, has handed himself into New York police to face manslaughter charges after he strangled homeless man Jordan Neely on a train in May this year. Lawyers for Penny have said that he acted to “protect his fellow travellers” and believe that the court will eventually clear him of any charges. Neely’s death led to protests in the city and his family has called for Penny’s imprisonment, claiming he had no knowledge of Neely’s life before choking him. Neely was suffering from mental health issues and was on the city’s homeless register when he died.

Man who strangled rowdy on subway charged with murder

Daniel Penny, a USMC veteran who strangled homeless Jordan Neely on a New York subway train in early May, turned himself in to police on May 12. He was charged with manslaughter in the second degree, according to CNN.

Prosecutors decided to file charges on May 12 after investigators collected witness statements and viewed video of the incident.

“Penny is handling the situation with the integrity and honor that characterizes him,” said his attorney, Thomas Kenniff.

Lawyers for Penny expressed their confidence that the court would eventually “fully drop any charges against him.”

“He risked his own life and safety for the good of his fellow travelers. The unfortunate result was the unintentional and unforeseen death of Mr Neely,” Penny’s lawyers said in a statement.

Penny held 30-year-old Neely by the neck for 15 minutes in a subway car. The former Marine intervened after Neely began yelling that he was hungry, thirsty and had nothing to live on. The subway passengers were very frightened and retreated away from him, although he did not attack anyone. As a result, Nili died from strangulation – such a conclusion was made by the medical examiner.

The brawler’s death was ruled a homicide. But such a definition does not mean that Penny is accused of malice and that he is necessarily found guilty.

Penny’s lawyers previously said that Neely “aggressively threatened” the passengers, and Penny and others “acted to protect themselves.”

“Daniel did not intend to harm Mr. Neely,” they stressed.

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Neely’s death sparked protests. In New York, they were aggressive, with several participants arrested by the police.

Neely’s family is outraged by Penny’s “coolness” and called for his imprisonment.

“He knew nothing about Jordan’s situation and life when he grabbed him by the neck and choked him,” the family’s lawyers said.

Neely was famous in New York for his Michael Jackson impersonation. In 2007, he began to have mental problems. The reason was the death of his mother as a result of the murder, Jordan then reached only 14 years old. He was severely traumatized when the body of his murdered mother was found in a suitcase.

According to a friend and relative, Neely has apparently had a hard time in recent years. Before his death, Neely was put on the list of the city’s homeless who are in dire need of help.

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