Lunar New Year declared an official school holiday in New York

Lunar New Year declared an official school holiday in New York

Following the “long overdue” decision to make Diwali an official school holiday comes the state’s decision to include Lunar New Year in the school calendar. Secret NYC provided more details.

The bill was approved earlier in the summer and officially signed into law by Gov. Kathy Hochul on Sept. 9. It requires the state’s public schools to close for the Lunar New Year holiday.

“By making Lunar New Year an official school holiday, we are taking an important step toward recognizing the importance of New York’s Asian American community and the rich diversity that makes New York great,” Governor Hochul said. “This is not just a day off from school – it is an opportunity for our children to learn and celebrate their own and other cultures and traditions.”

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This was a welcome decision, as New York State has the second largest Asian population in the country.

“Lunar New Year is the most significant time of year for Asian Americans, and as the nation’s fastest-growing community, we need to ensure that our heritage, culture and traditions are treated with the same respect and honor as any other American holiday.” , said State Senator John Lu.

“Now families won’t have to choose between getting an education and celebrating their cultural heritage. This legislation recognizes the contributions of the Asian community to the diverse tapestry of our great state and raises awareness while combating the hate faced by New York’s Asians,” added State Senator Even Chu.

The new law comes as New York makes its largest investment to date in supporting Asian communities. Gov. Kathy Hochul has allocated $30 million in her FY 2024 budget for awards to organizations through the Asian American Federation and the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families.

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