Kazakhstan Day was celebrated in New York: Eric Adams attended the event

Kazakhstan Day was celebrated in New York: Eric Adams attended the event

Kazakhstan Day was celebrated in New York. The mayor of the city, Eric Adams, picked up the flag of Kazakhstan and made a speech in which he noted that “Kazakhstanis and Americans have the same worldview in many aspects of life,” Tengrinews.kz reports.

Yesterday, October 25, Kazakhstan celebrated a national holiday – Republic Day. Its history began in 1990, when the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty. This holiday unites all citizens of the country, regardless of their ethnic or national origin, religious, social and other preferences. Kazakhs living in New York maintain contact with their homeland and honor the traditions of their people, which is why they celebrate Republic Day even in America. This year the mayor of New York also came to the celebration.

First of all, Adams noted how diverse the New York population is: “To be able to raise the flag of Kazakhstan is an indicator of how much we value your faith in family, business, public safety, and children. This is the foundation of our beautiful city. By raising the flag today, we are helping to strengthen the hopes and aspirations of those who come to this city.”

“The best reflection of how good New York is is how everyone is in a huge line waiting to touch the bull on Wall Street. Happy Republic Day!” – said Eric Adams.

At the festival they played the dombra, sang, danced and just had fun (to see the most interesting moments, scroll through the gallery).

Finally, the mayor of New York was presented with a bag of gifts and a cap of the Kazakhstani professional road cycling team Astana Qazaqstan Team, which he immediately deftly adjusted on his head. Then Eric Adams raised the flags of Kazakhstan and the United States, after which the anthems of the two countries were played on the streets of New York.

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Last year, Adams also joined the Kazakhs during the Republic Day celebrations and was delighted with the entry of the Kazakh dombra player, even posting this performance on his Instagram page.

Dombra is a two-stringed plucked musical instrument that Kazakhstanis consider one of the symbols of their country. It is used as an accompanying and solo instrument, as well as the main instrument in Kazakh folk music. Used by modern performers.

Dombra is the soul of the Kazakh people. The President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said about this: “Dombra is a sacred instrument about which legends have been made since ancient times. The sacred dombra has always been passed down from generation to generation. Kazakhs consider this musical instrument a talisman that captures the chronicle of centuries. As they say today, this is our national brand.”

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