JetBlue Business vs. Economy Class: Personal Flying Experience between Paris and New York

JetBlue Business vs. Economy Class: Personal Flying Experience between Paris and New York

Insider’s Jordan Parker Erb flew from New York to Paris and back in JetBlue business and economy class. She talked about the pros and cons of each. Further – from the first person.


This summer, I flew from New York to Paris and back on a JetBlue plane. I flew there in Mint, the business class section of the airline, and returned in an economy variant with more legroom.

After my first international flight in business class, I was worried that sitting in economy class would be doubly uncomfortable. But I’ve found that while JetBlue’s first class certainly has its benefits, the economy option also has its benefits. On every flight, I have been pleasantly surprised to find delicious food, comfortable enough seats, and enough room to cross the Atlantic without feeling too cramped.

Overall, the roughly six-hour international flight was surprisingly tolerable in every class.

Mint’s benefits began when I arrived at the airport as business class passengers are being expedited.

In theory, the benefit was nice, but the security line at JFK was still long, taking about 30 minutes, which is about the same as a security check for an economy passenger.

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Mint passengers boarded first, an advantage I had never experienced before.

Since the seats are an upgraded version of economy class, passengers are among the first to board.

The seats are noticeably different – the business class offers a private “suite” and a folding chair.

On the other hand, it is practically the same as the economy class, but, you guessed it, with more space. JetBlue claims 7 inches (17.7 cm) more legroom on the seats than regular seats.

Immediately, the Mint experience became more luxurious: as I sat down in my seat, I was served a glass of champagne.

The chair included, among other things, a set of goodies, including headphones that could be used in flight.

They also gave us a Bluetooth audio transmitter, a gadget with which you can watch TV without annoying wires.

Mint passengers received a package of toiletries, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, ear plugs and a sleep mask.

In economy class, everyone gets a gift bag: a reusable silicone bag filled with toiletries.

Although less extensive than the Mint, I was still amazed by the fact that economy passengers received gift bags. Inside was a pair of socks, lotion, a facial tissue, and a mint.

Lunch in business class was phenomenal as guests could choose their meal.

I was glad to know that this option is offered in economy class. Guests could still choose their own food.

The business class lunch was prepared at the highest level. For dinner, I ate pea soup, pasta, farro salad, and vanilla ice cream. It was the best airplane meal I have ever had.

While not as fancy as first class, economy class still had delicious food. For breakfast, I got pancakes with peaches, coconut grapefruit yogurt, and a slice of carrot cake.

The folding Mint seats are undoubtedly a more comfortable option.

Sleeping in the economy seat was still the same as before: not terrible.

There was a much larger TV screen in business class.

The TV on the seat of the economy class is quite typical for the economy class.

What I liked most about the economy seat was that I could look out the window.

And in business class, the window was partly behind my seat, so I couldn’t see much.

Overall, both seats and the accompanying amenities made transatlantic travel bearable.

While I would certainly like to travel in business class all the time, JetBlue’s economy option comes in second.

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