invites girls on dates and steals their shoes

invites girls on dates and steals their shoes

The amazing story of Lexus and Josh, two extraordinary individuals whose lives are intertwined in the modern world of online dating. Lexus, a young New York fashionista famous for her tabi and knitted bralettes, and Josh, a guy with a pornographic mustache, messy tattoos, and a Tinder addiction. One day, they met on the street of a big city and decided to try happiness through a dating app, starting an unusual love story. But love for what, tried to understand Dazed.

If only true love was that simple. After one date with Lexus, Josh seemed “not willing” to date her again, but eventually agreed to a second date, which ended up at Lexus’ apartment. After the date, Lexus looked around her apartment and soon discovered that Josh had stolen something – and it wasn’t her heart. Missing from her shoe rack was her Margiela Mary-Jane tabi, and in that moment, she did what any self-respecting person would do: go on TikTok and tell the whole nefarious story.

@nextlevellexuss Girls and gays of TikTok please get to work 😭 #nycdating #tinderhorrorstories #hingedating #margielatabis #nyc#greenscreen ♬ bad idea right? – Olivia Rodrigo

fashion thief

Is it a crime to be young and in love? Is it a crime to be what you want? If so, put Josh in jail! However, the crime is the theft of someone else’s property, which, as it turned out, Josh is guilty, so perhaps he really should be put behind bars.

In the video, a disgruntled girl said that before sleeping, she and Josh “talked about fashion and stuff” (which should have been a wake-up call) and Josh admitted that he himself needed a pair of tabi (here is the motive).

In the morning before leaving, Josh asked to show Lexus the Spotify playlist on her phone as he doesn’t have a Spotify account, which they “already discussed”. After Josh somehow couldn’t find the playlist, he gave Lexus her phone back and they said goodbye. Only a few hours later, Lexus noticed that he had stolen the shoes. When she decided to send him a message, not only did she not find his Tinder account, but he also deleted his contact from her phone while he was “looking for a playlist.”

The culprit of the incident

Who is Josh really? Ruthless, notorious criminal or just a young man following his heart? At the moment, very little is known about him, and according to Twitter bloodhounds, then most likely this is not a real name. Several photos of Josh released by Lexus show him smoking a cigarette while gazing longingly into the distance, an obvious and explicit protest against the destructive growth of vaping in today’s society.

Before throwing tar and feathers on Josh, it would be fair to consider his economic situation. Wages don’t go up with inflation, the cost of living has never been this high – maybe Josh just didn’t have the funds to buy his own pair of tabi. Is it necessary to condemn him for this fact, which does not depend on him? Also, I’m sure one of his Tinder photos showed him wearing a Carhartt cargo, so he must be some kind of outdoor worker? It’s not very progressive that the entire Internet is going down on a working-class man of color, and we should all be frankly ashamed.

Unexpected turn

After the video went viral, Lexus started getting messages from people who knew Josh and it was revealed that he had a mate. It turned out that Josh took the shoes stolen from Lexus and gave them to his girlfriend. After she posted a picture of her wearing the shoes on her Instagram, Lexus found out about it and tried to meet the thief herself.

In another now-deleted video, Lexus reveals how she contacted Josh via social media, where he denied stealing the shoes but offered to pay for them, which is obviously not entirely logical. When Lexus sent him a screenshot of his girlfriend wearing tabi, Josh finally gave in, texting her at 3:00 in the morning, “Okay, you got me. I’ll give them back to you… I’m just asking you to take down TikTok, that’s all.”

Shoes from the rightful mistress

When Lexus and Josh finally met, Lexus noted that Josh was “smiling” the whole time. Combined with the fact that Josh mentioned he didn’t have a Spotify account long before asking for a Lexus phone, it could mean it was all planned out, and his mad smirk is indicative of a lack of remorse.

In a “latest update” posted to Lexus’ Instagram account, the girl informed her followers that Josh and his girlfriend broke up as a result of infidelity and thanked all the internet scouts who helped her get back her precious Mary-Janes. Lexus is urging New York fashionistas to “hide your tabi” because a thief is on the loose in the city.

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