In New York you can now open a business using a chatbot

In New York you can now open a business using a chatbot

Recently, local officials presented a new resource. Now in the city you can get various advice on starting a business, paying taxes, and obtaining city services using the MyCity Chatbot chatbot, which uses artificial intelligence.

The difference between the MyCity chatbot and others is that it uses only verified information that is published on the official websites of the city of New York. This is a pilot project that has no analogues in the United States yet.

“This chatbot only uses resources from official New York websites, explained Department of Small Business Services Commissioner Kevin D. Kim. – ABOUTIt does not pull up data from all over the world, from all over the Internet. This way, it avoids a lot of fake news and misinformation, so it actually gives the right answers to questions.

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You can ask any questions regarding business in the city. The chat is also suitable for those who have lived in New York for a long time and are trying, for example, to open a new business or expand their own, but at the same time it is designed for new immigrants who are just starting their own business and for whom MyCity Chatbot can become a real guide. You might, for example, ask how to open a restaurant or how to pass a health inspection, or find the right business courses. In response, the bot will give you a step-by-step action plan.

The bot works in different languages, but it is optimal to ask questions in English, since translation into other languages ​​is carried out automatically, that is, there may be some inaccuracies. But city officials promise to eventually translate all the necessary information into the main languages ​​used by New Yorkers.

We think this bot should help a lot of people, especially immigrants, since 50% or so of all small businesses in New York are owned and operated by immigrants, which is almost 100 thousand businesses! – said Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Affairs Manuel Castro.

Link to MyCity Chatbot – here

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