In New York, they launched a program that will help save up to $ 158 per month on a communal apartment

In New York, they launched a program that will help save up to $ 158 per month on a communal apartment

If you receive government benefits, Con Edison invites you to join the Energy Affordability Program (EAP) to save up to $158 per month on electricity bills, Silive says.

Con Edison is reaching out to New York City consumers through email, newsletters, account messages, social media, print, radio, and digital advertising to get connected.

“As part of the Clean Energy program, Con Edison prioritizes energy affordability, especially for those customers most vulnerable to price increases,” said Michelle O’Connell, Con Edison’s senior vice president of customer operations. “EAP is just one of many ways we can help New Yorkers keep energy affordable. We encourage all customers who are having difficulty paying their electricity bills to contact us. We are ready to help.”

The EAP provides discounts to low-income consumers to limit utility bills to 6% of median annual income. The amount of the discount is determined by a formula that is updated annually and adjusted in case of changes in shipping costs.

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This program is just one of steps taken by Con Edison to ensure that the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy does not place a disproportionate burden on low-income consumers.

What you need to know about this program:

Enrollment in the EAP program: Customers can register online. Individuals receiving qualifying public assistance may self-certify their eligibility for this program. Con Edison sends each registered customer an email with details of the monthly discount.

Maintaining Energy Availability: Con Edison helps consumers identify ways to maintain energy availability. Customers can visit to find out about financial aid, home energy assistance, Energy Share, free energy efficiency kits and more.

The company also offers special protection and payment programs for seniors, people with disabilities, clients in medical emergencies, or victims of domestic violence.

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Providing payment options: Con Edison offers a wide range of pricing plans. Customers can find the terms that suit them by logging into My Account to see the options:

  • Staged payment plans help customers avoid seasonal price spikes by spreading electricity bills evenly throughout the year.
  • The payment deadline extension gives consumers up to 10 days of extra time to pay their bill.
  • Flexible payment plans allow customers who are in arrears to take advantage of the most flexible payment terms. Clients can make a down payment of up to 33% of the balance.
  • Some customers who meet certain income requirements may qualify for a $0 down payment. Customers who experience difficulty meeting the terms of their current payment agreement may renegotiate it.

Last year, through the New York State Electricity and Gas Bill Payment Facilitation Program, more than 341,000 Con Edison customers and 30,000 small business customers received one-time bill payment credits that are automatically applied to pay off arrears for services up to 1 May 2022. The total benefit to consumers was more than $621 million.

Con Edison is a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc., one of the nation’s largest investor-owned energy companies with approximately $16 billion in annual revenue and $64 billion in assets. Energy efficiency information can be found at

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