Humans and artificial intelligence have teamed up to create stunning works of art: a new exhibition in New York

Humans and artificial intelligence have teamed up to create stunning works of art: a new exhibition in New York

A new art exhibition at New York’s ARTECHOUSE artfully combines human creativity with artificial intelligence, Time Out reports.

ARTECHOUSE, located in an old boiler room in Chelsea Market, will present the digital art exhibition “World of AI·magination“ on December 1st. Tickets are on sale now starting at $21. To create the exhibition, ARTECHOUSE studio developed original visual elements using generative artificial intelligence systems. The designers hope to inspire visitors to view AI as “a creative collaboration, not just a tool for innovation.”

The “World of AI·magination” center features a 20-minute cinematic experience in six different locations. One of them, called the “Library of Magic Portals,” presents colossal books filled with dreams and algorithms. Another scene called “Symphony of Illusions” constantly changes, and “Endless Labyrinth” immerses visitors in numerous parallels.

The exhibition is intended to show that man has an eternal sense of wonder and a thirst for unknown possibilities. This exhibition masterfully combines generative algorithms and human creativity to create a unique visual experience that blurs the boundaries between human creativity and machine computation.

AI enemy or inspiration?

The concept comes at a time when Hollywood is grappling with artificial intelligence and existing chatbots are proving to be frightening but limited.

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“At ARTECHOUSE, we have always strived to bring the future of art into the present,” said Sandro Kereselidze, founder and chief creative officer of ARTECHOUSE, in a statement. “As a leading innovative art space at the intersection of art and technology, we are excited about the opportunity to experiment with the latest available tools emerging in our field.”

To that end, the exhibition will culminate in a segment called The Dreamer’s Emporium, which promises to leave visitors excited about the creative possibilities that can arise from the evolving collaboration between human ingenuity and artificial intelligence.

To create the exhibit, the team researched 3D and animated texture models, resulting in more than a million unique data sets, according to the exhibition’s executive creative director Ricky Kim.

“Despite the scale of the immersive gallery, our team used innovation to create controlled, high-resolution visuals, seamlessly combining traditional 3D animation with generative artificial intelligence. The entire work relied on accelerated computing and required a high degree of software customization and system configuration,” Kim said in a press release.

While ARTECHOUSE has long been known for its exhibitions that combine art and technology, such as Beyond the Light and MAGENTAVERSE, this exhibition takes the concept to the next level. The event team views this exhibition as a testament to the artistic potential of cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques, setting the stage for future advances in computer graphics and generative artificial intelligence.

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