how to look for valuables on the streets of the city

how to look for valuables on the streets of the city
how to look for valuables on the streets of the city

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A TikTok influencer in New York found a discarded sofa worth between $6,200 and $8,000 on the street, and took it home to clean it. While some agreed that people often discard high-value items in good condition, others were critical of her decision to not clean the couch professionally and pointed out the risk of infection associated with upholstered furniture. The influencer also sparked a discussion on social media about the appeal and safety of street finds in New York, with many sharing stories and pictures of their own sidewalk treasures.

how to look for valuables on the streets of the city

A New Yorker found a discarded sofa worth $8,000 on the street. She took it home and cleaned it, but social media users noted that it was a dangerous decision. Learn more from the Independent.

A video created by Amanda, a TikTok influencer who posts under the username @yafavv.mandaa, recently went viral.

In her TikTok video, Amanda said her father helped her move the couch from the street to his office, where she, her father, sister and boyfriend took care of cleaning it.

The blue sofa appears to be from interior designer Sasha Lakich’s Bubble collection for Roche Bobois. It retails for between $6,200 and $8,000 online.

@yafavv.mandaa got my dream couch for free🥹 #nyc #nycapartment ♬ vlog, chill out, calm daily life(1370843) – SUNNY HOOD STUDIO

However, many believe that the sofa can be a replica, showing certain differences in color and style.

Amanda’s first video quickly went viral as many wondered why the expensive designer sofa was thrown out in the first place.

Most of the people who commented on the video suggested that the couch might have bed bugs or other parasites, which could have led to the original owner’s decision to throw it away.

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The influencer said that two weeks after she picked up the sofa, she saw no sign of bed bugs and felt it was safe to bring it into her apartment.

@yafavv.mandaa Replying to @Habibi the long awaited couch update 😙 #nyc #couch ♬ original sound – yafavvmandaa

Others criticized her for only doing “one round of cleaning” and for not cleaning the couch professionally.

In her next video, Amanda said, “I only recorded five minutes of the entire sofa cleaning process.”

Ever since the video of the couch went viral, it has become a social media meme, with people coming up with more and more improbable scenarios along with its photo.

She also explained that she found a piece of furniture in front of a “very rich building”.

“Rich people throw away all their furniture all the time because they buy new furniture every two years,” she continued. “So I saw an opportunity and took it.”

Some agreed with Amanda and noted that wealthy New Yorkers often leave designer furniture on the street for passers-by to pick up if they wish.

“People who say ‘is there a reason someone could throw away such an expensive sofa?’ and I’m sorry, but you really underestimate the ability of rich people to throw away things that are in perfect condition,” wrote one person.

However, others point out that while hard furniture is good picking food from the street, upholstered furniture carries a much higher risk of infection in the home.

“Awesome things are popping up on our sidewalks in NYC (half of my apartment is furnished from the street) but upholstery can be dangerous and hide secrets,” wrote one user.

Another added: “Hard surfaces, yes. Soft / fabric things – no.

Amanda concluded her sofa update video with a clip of how she “stylized” it by strategically placing pillows over stains that didn’t come out, and a clip with a tag on the side of the sofa for those who questioned the authenticity of the sofa.

How to find good discarded items

Many New Yorkers have outfitted their apartments with similar street finds. And believe me, on the sidewalks of New York you can find really incredible and at the same time charming things. Since 2021, the @StoopingNYC Instagram account has only been gaining popularity. He also talks about discarded things and where to look for them.

This page, with over 440k followers, is dedicated to street finds in New York. Hundreds of people discuss her posts and share photos of what they managed to find on the sidewalks.

Currently on the page you can see photos and addresses of the location of an office chair, several chests of drawers, a set of dining chairs, several sofas, a bookshelf, an interesting mirror table and even a gramophone.

The account is maintained by a couple from Brooklyn, but they do not give their names.

The couple created the @StoopingNYC account around 2019 when they marveled at the amazing sidewalk finds they stumbled upon while exploring the city with their young son.

The organizers of the page say that they themselves took the find, the photo and address of which was sent to them, only once, otherwise they do not hunt for things that they post in the account. And it’s not so easy to do this – now they are taken from the sidewalks very quickly.

According to the couple, they are more interested in helping to make the hunt for these things more mainstream than in the things themselves.

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