How to find out the model of the aircraft you are flying and why it matters

How to find out the model of the aircraft you are flying and why it matters
How to find out the model of the aircraft you are flying and why it matters

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When planning a trip, it is important to pay attention to the type of plane being used and the layout of its cabin and seats, according to Travel and Leisure. Different models of aircraft have different dimensions of seats, luggage racks and other elements that can affect passenger comfort. The distances between seats can also vary between aircraft models. Entertainment options on board may differ. Travellers can check the type of aircraft on an airline’s booking page and can use third-party sites, such as SeatGuru and Expert Flyer, for further information to make their travelling experience more comfortable.

How to find out the model of the aircraft you are flying and why it matters

When planning a trip, you most likely know in advance what type of hotel you need and what attractions you plan to visit. You, too, most likely, have studied the options for air travel. But it is unlikely that you pay attention to the model and layout of the aircraft, and this is also important, Travel and Leasure notes.

The layout of the cabin and seats in the same airline may differ even within the same class in different aircraft models. And this means that the impressions of the flight can be different. Different aircraft models are different sizes and configurations of seats, luggage racks and other elements that affect passenger comfort.

These indicators are very important for those who prefer to travel with hand luggage only. You can buy a carry-on bag, but that doesn’t mean it will fit in the overhead bin on all planes. That is, there is a possibility that at the gate you will be forced to check it in as luggage.

But the most important thing is that in different models of aircraft there are different distances between the seats. That is, legroom can be different even in economy class. Entertainment options on board may also vary. Therefore, before traveling on some aircraft models, it makes sense to download movies, podcasts or TV shows to your devices in order to avoid many hours of boredom.

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How to check which aircraft model you are flying

The easiest way is to look on the booking page of your chosen airline. Most airlines list the aircraft type on the booking page, so you’ll recognize it before you book your ticket.

But if you cannot find the information on the airline’s website, then you can use third-party sites, such as Expert Flyer or SeatGuru.

SeatGuru works like this: you enter the date of the flight and the flight number, and the site gives you a map of the seats on the flight. On the left side of the page, you’ll see useful information, including the type of aircraft, the airline’s baggage policy, information about traveling with children, and check-in policies.

On the right you will find information about the configuration and width of the seats in the aircraft, broken down by class of service. Travelers can also find amenities information such as headphone jacks, power adapters, Wi-Fi, and meal deals. The SeatGuru maps even show the best (in green) and worst (in red) seats on the plane. For example, on a Delta flight between Atlanta and New York on an Airbus A321, SeatGuru advises avoiding the A and F seats in row 12. These seats are in the airline’s Comfort+ zone. But because they are located in front next to the emergency exit, they may “have a limited angle” and not have an actual view from the window.

Expert Flyer offers almost the same information as SeatGuru, but with an important bonus. Travelers can set up email alerts when their favorite flights and places become available.

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