How New York accused and defended Donald Trump: reporting from under the courthouse

How New York accused and defended Donald Trump: reporting from under the courthouse
How New York accused and defended Donald Trump: reporting from under the courthouse

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump appeared in court in Manhattan, charged with 34 counts of falsification of business documents and fraud. Both supporters and opponents of the politician gathered outside the court, with tensions running high between the two groups. Many native New Yorkers participated in the protest on both sides of the barricades. Despite the accusations, some of his supporters believed the charges against him were false and that Trump is a great president. The former president was released on bail and taken to Florida after the hearing, while the protesters gradually dispersed, leaving behind police barriers and piles of garbage.

How New York accused and defended Donald Trump: reporting from under the courthouse

Today, the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, appeared in court. He was charged with 34 counts, including falsification of business documents and fraud. The whole city was buzzing from this news today, supporters and opponents of the politician were waiting for him in court from early morning and organized all kinds of actions. How it was – in our special report.

In the morning under the building of the criminal court in Manhattan – do not push through from cameras, journalists, police and protesters. Since yesterday evening, fences have been built here so that supporters and opponents of Donald Trump do not fight among themselves.

Photo: Lidia Kalinina

Political disputes over the fence

Now the entire area in front of the court is two camps, whose members now and then go to each other “visit” and shout to each other over the fence. They do not just shout to each other, they are having long disputes about the seriousness of the accusations brought against the 45th president and about politics in general, including international politics.

Trump is a criminal! Not only because he is being accused in court today! shout the protesters from the opponents of the politician. – INHave you already forgotten the trip to the Capitol?! Or the fact that he supported Putin?!

Photo: Lidia Kalinina

How can you blame him for this?! Are you sure?! Me not! I don’t know! I’m a hell of a regular taxpayer who lives in New York! How can I know! Maybe he did it, maybe not, but how do you know?! Have you been there? But Biden – he blew up the Nord Stream pipe – he is also a criminal! – parry on the other side.

Prove it, prove it, prove it! – sounds from all angles.

Photo: Lidia Kalinina

Such dialogues can be heard along the entire fence. Many of the protesters are native New Yorkers, and on both sides of the barricades. Nara Garber came to the rally in a suit – a striped prisoner’s uniform and a rubber mask with the face of Donald Trump.

I first wore this suit in 2018 before my first attempt to impeach Trump. It is, in fact, an allusion to the past. At the time when President Nixon was about to be impeached, there was one Protestant who, in this very form, only, of course, with Nixon’s mask, stood for three weeks under the White House with a sign “Signal for impeachment!”. I think this Trump looks much cooler than the person who will come to court today (laughs). I grew up in New York and I know that he broke the law all his life. It is very important to show people that he is not above the law, and the law is also written for him. He’s been proving himself superior all his life, but it’s time to prove otherwiseNara says.

Nara and Lydia Kalinina

On the other side of the barricades, another New Yorker, Steve Morchinsky, dressed up in Republican symbols, assures the opposite:

I believe the accusations against him are false. And this process itself only shows that this country is heading towards tyranny! How else to call it that they are pursuing him and looking for what crime to accuse him of? The case that was started against him is absolute nonsense! Not only is he a great president, he’s a great New Yorker, so the way New York is humiliating him now is a special horror.

Talent contest or May Day

The atmosphere at the rally is as free as possible. Everyone here expresses himself as he can. Here is a crowd of people shouting “Only two genders!” – thus upholding traditional values. Here is a lady walking in a police uniform with a Trump doll in handcuffs and a bag of dollars. Here the artist shows his picture, which depicts all the main characters of American politics. A young Russian-speaking protester, who introduces himself as Yakov, distributes leaflets among the crowd. They are against Putin and seem to have nothing to do with Trump. The guy laughs: so what? But there are a lot of people here and leaflets disperse with a bang.

Photo: Lidia Kalinina

Today there is such a big crowd, all the people came, a demonstration. Everyone knows that he will not be arrested, but everyone came to watch. It’s such a May Day today (laughs). It’s just a game, they won’t do anything, it’s just extras. It is beneficial for both parties, it unites their supporters. In general, such a party! – Jacob noted.

Photo: Lidia Kalinina

Roqueforo Verona roller-skates in the camp of supporters of Trump, masterfully spins balls on sticks and shouts “Trump”. Of course, he immediately attracts the attention of journalists and gives interviews:

– I love Trump! I come to all rallies in his support. I like him because he is talented and he has a voice. People hear him and believe him. I don’t think anything will happen today. He’s probably at home. And he won’t even come here! And I believe that no one will be able to prevent him from running in the next election. Nobody will stop him!

Photo: Lidia Kalinina

The opponents of the 45th president are also sure that nothing will come of this case. Most of them just shake their heads: it’s a great success that he’s being charged, but the conviction is still too far away and it’s not certain that he will be able to achieve it.

I hope Trump finally gets convicted in a Virginia court for trying to change the election results. This is much more serious than the accusations that are brought against him today, and I can’t wait for it, – protester says Matt Coen.

Suddenly, a man steps into the crowd and shouts: Trump is under arrest! Opponents of the policy meet this news with a storm of applause. They immediately set up an impromptu stage, playing guitar and singing “F…ck you, Donald Trump!”

Photo: Lidia Kalinina

Later it becomes known that the arrest of the 45th President of the United States is rather a formality. He was immediately released from the courtroom on bail. Donald Trump was charged with 34 counts, taken into custody, fingerprinted, mug shot, but then released. The cortege took the politician away from the courthouse, and he immediately took a private jet back to his residence in Florida. The protesters gradually disperse, leaving only police barriers, scraps of posters and mountains of garbage in place of heated debate.

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