How much does a holiday in the most expensive resorts in the world cost?

How much does a holiday in the most expensive resorts in the world cost?

Traveling is one of the most extraordinary experiences that allows people from all over the world to experience new cultures, make new friends and truly relax. Travel is known to improve mental health through landscape change and variety. It is very important to set aside time for travel whenever possible.

Where to buy cheap tickets, we have already said, but what to do when you want to relax on a grand scale? If you’re ready to put all your savings into action, FloridaPanhandle’s new analysis will help you decide on a vacation destination.

Travel website FloridaPanhandle analyzed spending at 100 popular vacation destinations by looking at average prices for lodging, transportation, food and entertainment. He made the top 10 places for luxury holidays. According to the analysis, the most expensive places to stay, excluding airfare:

  1. Gustavia, St. Barts
  2. Gstaad, Switzerland
  3. Aspen, Colorado
  4. Park City, Utah
  5. Maui, Hawaii
  6. London, England
  7. Coco Island, Maldives
  8. Maun, Botswana
  9. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  10. Monte Carlo, Monaco

The rankings are dominated by islands and luxury ski resorts, although the appeal of eco-safaris in Botswana and Europe’s financial hub, London, have contributed to the diverse list.

Where hotels cost more than $1,000 per night

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At the top of the list of hotels whose per-night rates are mind-boggling is the Caribbean paradise of St. Barth. It confidently holds the title of the most expensive destination in the world, mainly due to the high cost of living, which is about $1,770 per night, according to research.

In charming Swiss Gstaad, the average cost per hotel stay is $1,360, making it another luxury spot on the list. This Alpine city has the highest average food spending of any destination, reaching $177 per day.

For those dreaming of a luxury getaway in Aspen, Colorado, the average cost per person is $1,385. However, a family of four should brace for a total cost of $2,274.

To determine these prices, examined average rates for four- and five-star hotels during the Christmas period (December 21-27) and spring (May 19-25), but did not include taxes.

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Attractions: $0 to $333 per day

To rate entertainment, calculated the average cost of the three most talked about attractions for each location on TripAdvisor. The ski town of Park City, Utah, costs $333 per day for entertainment on average, the highest figure on the list.

Attractions in Mauna, Botswana, the only African destination on the list, averaged over $100 a day, including activities such as a one-day visit to the Okavango Delta.

Despite the high overall costs, attractions in St. Barth and the Maldives are priced at $0. Vacationers may have to pay big money for hotels in these areas, but their beaches are free.

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Monte Carlo has some of the lowest prices on the list for attractions, which is quite unexpected. “Monte Carlo is known for its casinos, but it’s not the most popular activity in the city,” a spokesman for said.

According to the company, the three most popular attractions in Monte Carlo are the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, an outdoor venue called the Casino Square and Casino Monte Carlo, which costs 18 euros ($20) to enter.

However, gambling losses are not included in the average cost of Monte Carlo attractions.

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