her video has been viewed 10 million times

her video has been viewed 10 million times
her video has been viewed 10 million times

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A two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan has caused a stir on TikTok due to its unusual layout. The apartment, located in a building in Harlem and costing $3,275 per month, has thin and awkwardly spaced rooms, making it difficult to live in and furnish traditionally. However, the apartment benefits from plenty of windows and a dishwasher as well as a built-in washer/dryer in New York where these luxuries are rare. Although it divides opinion, the TikTok video of the apartment has been viewed over 10 million times with most comments conveying a dislike for the rental.

her video has been viewed 10 million times

The New York rental market has always been a pretty wild place. One of the apartments currently hitting the minds of thousands of people on TikTok is this two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Its layout is so strange that Internet users cannot calm down and continue to discuss it.

“This apartment is so weird and at the same time it opens up so many possibilities,” says the real estate agent behind the hit video (@rentnewyork).

The video shows him entering an apartment with many long, thin corridors and awkwardly spaced rooms.

The agent explained that on each floor of the building there are two apartments that stretch the entire length of the building. These are quite spacious apartments, but very narrow, with strange cutouts in the walls. So it’s not easy to live in such an apartment.

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Carrying any furniture through the front door seems impossible, how narrow and cramped the entrance is.

Many people who watched the video on TikTok couldn’t help but mention it in the comments.

“How do they even get furniture in there? one person asked. “Pick it up and carry it through the windows???”.

“There is no way you can bring furniture into this apartment,” said another.

Others said that the only solution to the problem could be IKEA collapsible furniture. And one person joked that inflatable furniture would be suitable for an apartment.

Simply decorating the master bedroom is also extremely challenging, thanks to the odd layout of the room. It makes any traditional arrangement simply impossible.

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“Buildings in New York are being built as they please,” commented one person.

“Every New York apartment I’ve seen looks like it was designed as part of a sims challenge,” joked another.

“People in New York have to wear the same three outfits every day because the closet sizes in these apartments are small,” joked another.

Of course, there are also advantages to such housing.

Unlike most residential buildings in Manhattan, this one does not adjoin another building. Therefore, the apartment has many windows that let in light during the day. And the kitchen has lots of cabinets, a dishwasher, and even a built-in washer/dryer, which is just incredible luck for an apartment in New York.

There were a few people who found these benefits enticing.

“Am I the only one who really likes her?!” one person asked.

“I have a strange sense of comfort,” agreed another.

However, the vast majority of people did not find the apartment attractive. To date, videos on TikTok have been viewed more than 10 million times. And most of the comments are from people who make it clear they don’t want to live here.

“Living room and bathroom in two different zip codes,” the commentator was indignant.

Another said that such an apartment would require “several routers to distribute Wi-Fi”.

“Is this a train or an apartment?” another commenter asked.

In the comments, the agent answered several questions about housing: he clarified that the apartment is located in a building in Harlem, around 110th Street, and costs $ 3,275 per month.

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