he was killed by a mixture of fentanyl and cocaine

he was killed by a mixture of fentanyl and cocaine

The grandson of Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro has died from a lethal mixture of fentanyl, cocaine and ketamine, according to NYDailyNews, citing the city medical examiner’s office.

The Xanax drug, popular among young people with a weak mind, was also found in the body of Leandro De Niro Rodriguez. His death was called an accident, on July 2 he was pronounced dead as a result of an alleged overdose in his own apartment.

Police believe 19-year-old Leandro died from taking fake fentanyl-laced oxycodone pills. Fake pills made from a mixture of these drugs are called “presses” because they look like prescription drugs.

A woman who sold drugs to De Niro’s grandson, Sophia Haley Marks, 20, was sentenced to jail without bail in Manhattan Federal Court on July 14. Prior to her arrest, Marks warned undercover cops not to take “more than one at a time” because, she said, her friend “just died”.

According to court documents, authorities believe Marks was referring to another 19-year-old who died on June 14. She told the undercover agents that she was present when he overdosed and that they snorted pills together before falling asleep. When she woke up, the young man did not answer.

She was charged with drug distribution on three counts, each of which carries a 20-year sentence. The next court session is scheduled for August 14.

“Do you really need them? I don’t want to kill you”

Prior to the young actor’s death, from June 29 to July 2, Marks spoke with De Niro Rodriguez about selling counterfeit oxycodone and Xanax pills via text message, according to court documents. “Do you really need them?” Marks wrote on June 30. “I don’t want to kill you.”

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The next day, when De Niro Rodriguez asked her, “Is that all fentanyl or heroin?”, Marks replied that they were “presses,” referring to a pill press used to manufacture counterfeit drugs.

During the call, Marks told De Niro Rodriguez, “Don’t overdo it.” On July 1, she arranged to sell him three counterfeit oxycodone pills and two Xanax “bars” for $105, agreeing to ship them downtown by car, wrapped in a US Postal Service envelope.

A few hours after the sale, Marks contacted the guy and asked if everything was in order, but he never answered.

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