Haunted house based on classic horror films to open in Times Square

Haunted house based on classic horror films to open in Times Square

The largest haunted house in New York will open in Times Square. Top Hollywood makeup and special effects artists will turn actors into terrifying creatures every night, according to TimeOut.
Starting September 14, Horrorwood Studios opens its whimsical doors at 300 West 43rd Street. Tickets for $39 can be purchased here. Children under 13 are not allowed entry.

The spooky fun is provided by Artistic Directors Will Munroe and Cathy McGeoch (who have run Fright Fest Six Flags for over 20 years). In TerrorVision – Live Screaming Your Nightmares, you will live out your scary dreams and get into a terrible adventure through a flickering TV screen.

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This 1,850-square-meter house with 140 actors is arguably the largest haunted house in New York. You will enter the house under the guise of being backstage filming the upcoming TerrorVision Halloween episode.

The screen shatters and you suddenly find yourself in the role of an unsuspecting new star. You’ll encounter three horror stories, each one a thrilling walk through a haunted house filled with terrifying creatures and magical movie special effects.

Executive Producer Dalton M. Dale says they’ve hired Hollywood’s best makeup and special effects artists to turn the actors into terrifying creatures every night.

This sounds damn exciting! According to the organizers, in this nightmarish world you will find snow, wind, giant creatures and “impossible effects that are constantly happening around.”

“TerrorVision is really scary. This entertainment is not for the faint of heart, said Munroe and McGeoch. – When you enter TerrorVision, you enter a world set in the year 1980. This is the peak year for the slasher genre, with classic horror films like The Exorcist, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Poltergeist dominating the box office. This year’s show is a complete homage to the 1980s horror craze. We want our guests to feel like they’re stepping on the screen and walking into the set.”

It will be the scariest thing to see this year. The event first premiered last year at NYC’s largest haunted house “BEDLAM” at the former Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Over 20,000 tickets were sold in 19 days.

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