Famous Russian-speaking journalist Lev Trakhtenberg died in New York

Famous Russian-speaking journalist Lev Trakhtenberg died in New York

Famous Russian-born journalist and producer Lev Trakhtenberg has died in New York. He brought many famous musicians, singers and artists to the USA, and was a presenter on local radio stations and television channels. The Bureau Telegram channel writes about this.

In recent years, Lev Trakhtenberg has been struggling with a serious illness – lung cancer.

Lev Trakhtenberg was a versatile personality – a celebrity, radio host, blogger, producer and writer.

“We believed in a miracle, joked, hoped. Just a week ago you said that everything would be fine, although deep down I believed it less and less. Levushka passed away about two hours ago. He chose a terrible day. But going away on Shabbat is the same as becoming a saint. I will miss him very much,” wrote the producer’s close friend Katya Ryumina.

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He moved to the USA in the early 1990s. He was openly gay, but for a long time he had not dared to tell his wife about his lover. I turned to a psychotherapist for help.

“It was a different time then. An American woman doctor said: do not say anything under any circumstances, you will ruin your whole life. I left the office and immediately called my wife in Russia and admitted that I was gay and had always been,” recalled Lev Trakhtenberg.

12 years ago, Leo and his chosen one got married in New York. Their witness was Trachtenberg’s daughter.

In 2001, he was arrested and spent three years under house arrest, and then 4 years in the American federal prison Fort Dix. For three years he wrote a weekly column, “On the Bunk with Uncle Sam,” in Metro magazine and the Evening New York newspaper. Released in 2009.

He always worried about his appearance in public and said: it is important that “everyone sets a worthy example.”

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