Did eyebrows to Jared Leto and other celebrities: how a Russian woman conquered New York

Did eyebrows to Jared Leto and other celebrities: how a Russian woman conquered New York
Did eyebrows to Jared Leto and other celebrities: how a Russian woman conquered New York

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Daria Kruchinina, a brow artist from Krasnodar, Russia, dreamed of working in modelling and fashion magazines since childhood. An unsuccessful makeup experience prompted Daria to learn how to do her own makeup, leading to her taking a course in eyebrow shaping. After working in a prestigious beauty salon, Daria felt she needed a bigger challenge, so she set her sights on New York. Her makeup and brow artistry education took her to cities including Dubai, Yerevan, London, Chicago and back to New York, where she finally established her business. Through hard work, perseverance and a chance encounter with Trish McEvoy, the Irish makeup artist and founder of a popular cosmetics brand, Daria’s business grew, leading her to work with celebrities.

Did eyebrows to Jared Leto and other celebrities: how a Russian woman conquered New York

Daria Kruchinina from Krasnodar (Russia) dreamed of walking the catwalk and shooting for various fashion magazines since childhood. And her dream came true, but then life turned in a completely different direction. And it’s all because of bad makeup. What happened and how Daria conquered New York was told by Woman.

Once, before a photo shoot, the girl had such an unsuccessful make-up that she decided to learn how to do it herself in order to prevent this from happening in the future.

Then she was still in her second year. Along with the make-up course, Daria decided to take an eyebrow course as well. After that, she began working in one of the most prestigious salons in the city, and a few months later there was no free time in her schedule. She realized that Krasnodar was good, but she needed to aim somewhere further, the girl set her sights on New York.

Five years ago, Daria left her life in Russia and moved to New York.

Dreamed of being a model and a janitor

“I always dreamed of becoming a model and wanted to work in China and Europe, but since I love food, this did not happen. As a result, I entered the Kuban State University and graduated with a degree in youth work. And my second education is a professional translator. Although my mother says that as a child I wanted to be a janitor, ”the girl recalls her“ young years ”.

And then the makeup incident changed everything and now New York has a top master brow artist.

Makeup for football players

“At the beginning of my career, I worked with the Krasnodar football club. Even now it is not clear to many why this is necessary, but for 2014 it was generally a super progressive story. It so happened that at first I was invited several times to work with Yuri Gazinsky and his wife – I gathered them for shooting. Then I was asked to prepare the players for a photo shoot for the calendar, – says Daria. – I faced different perceptions. Someone even shouted: “I don’t want to, I won’t.” Naturally, no one forced anyone, but through conversations and explanations we came to an understanding.”

After that, Daria worked in the salon, and thanks to this she learned that this type of work did not suit her.

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“It is difficult for me to adapt to client schedules and it is more convenient to organize the process on my own, as I now do in New York. Then, of course, it seemed cool to me that I work in such a cool place and I have a completely packed record, but then I got bored, ”she says.

“Dubai, Yerevan, London, New York, Chicago – I flew to these cities for makeup and eyebrow training. At first, I didn’t even try to look for clients, because it’s hard to keep in touch with them at a distance. When you did cool eyebrows once, you want to come again in a month, and I am no longer in the country, so at that time there was no such task, ”the girl shares.

After she realized that Krasnodar was small for her, she decided to go to conquer not Moscow, as many do, but immediately New York.

Moving to the USA

“If someone says that he moved to a new country with no connections, no savings and immediately achieved success, then it will be a lie. Of course, at first it was difficult, I had a thorny path. When I moved, I had an understanding that I want to continue doing what I was doing, but for this I need to simultaneously find some other job and make acquaintances, ”said Daria.

It took her a lot of time and effort to achieve recognition in New York – international competitions, attempts to achieve recognition of the masters of the industry, the development of the author’s technique – Signature Brows Shape.

“I was a simple girl from the Russian outback, who stubbornly went to ensure that the status of a “star” eyebrow and makeup artist was opposite her name,” says Daria.

Fateful acquaintance in the subway

New York is such a city that even in the subway you can meet a person who will change your life. This is exactly what happened to Daria.

“In 2014, I came to New York for the first time and, as a person from Krasnodar, a city with no metro, I got lost. I got on the wrong train and went in the wrong direction,” says the girl. – And then the following happened: I was standing in the car and I realized that a woman was looking at me point-blank. I’m already starting to sort out what could be wrong with me. And then she suddenly says: “The profession of a makeup artist would suit you.” I say that I already work as a make-up artist. And then she asks if I want to work for her. She has it at Bergdorf Goodman, one of the most famous department stores in New York, where all the world’s brands are represented – there are different corners.

As it turned out, it was Trish McEvoy, an Irish makeup artist and founder of a popular cosmetics brand.

The girl agreed, the only condition was to sell cosmetics for $500. Everything worked out for Daria and she got the job. But at that time, she flew to New York as a tourist, so getting a job did not work out. But meeting Trish McAvoy on the subway is a miracle.

“I still sometimes go to her office to say hello. She is an amazing woman,” says Daria.

Final move and first months in New York

After Daria finally moved to New York, she tried to immediately find a job related to makeup. I worked on the set – almost all of them were free at first.

“At first, it was difficult to accept that we had to start everything from scratch: that no one knows me, no one trusts me, no one understands what technique I work with, why it takes 40 minutes, not 10, and why it costs not $15, but $45. This is a very large layer of work: to re-acquire ties – friendly and professional, to resolve organizational issues. Everything needs to be rebuilt. Plus – the difference in language and mentality. It wasn’t easy,” she says.

But she soon began to get her first celebrity clients after she worked at amfAR, an AIDS fundraiser, with Natalia Vodianova.

Jared Leto’s eyebrows

“Most of all I am proud of working with Jared Leto, because for me it was the most stressful. I did his eyebrows for the mini-series “Didn’t Work” – it was very responsible and difficult. The whole team understood: if I do something that does not suit him, it cannot be undone. This is not just a make-up that was applied and washed off – these are eyebrows, – Daria slams in. “There can be no cancellation here, so every step was written, voiced and agreed with the main makeup artist and Jared himself.”

For such delicate work, the master took photographs of Jared and Adam Newman, played by the actor, and carefully studied them.

“I was asked a million questions, right down to which tweezers I would take. They asked what and why I would do. If I straighten this tuft, then by what means, can Jared get an allergy, do we need a team of doctors. I thought I wouldn’t. It was difficult, but interesting,” recalls Daria.

Daria notes that Jared showed himself to be a real professional, not only didn’t shed a tear during such a not very pleasant procedure, he also didn’t ask to constantly go on a break, bring water, etc.

Working with the stars

The master says that when working with stars, the main thing is not to turn from an ordinary person into a fan and not spoil everything.

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“In my experience, the more you shake in front of the client and try to please him, the worse you are treated as a master. I have a very friendly approach, calm. I communicate with everyone as with ordinary people, ”she says.

Who would you like to work with

“The most interesting person I would like to work with at the moment is Matthew Hussey. He is a coach and lives in Los Angeles. I’ve been following him for a long time, listening to his podcasts. I would like to do his eyebrows: so far I don’t like what is happening to them, ”says Daria.

In addition, she would like to make a fool of Timothée Chalamet’s eyebrows.

“He has cool eyebrows, and I already know what to do with them: just correct a couple of nuances and everything will become even better. It will take 15 minutes, says Daria. – There is also Zac Efron: his eyebrows are also not ideal, I would like to help him with this. Well, Bernard Arnault – he has so much money. Man, let’s do something nice with the eyebrows.”

At the same time, Daria’s work is not only with the stars, she often has a complete record. And this work motivates her. She meets different people from different walks of life, learns something new.

About income and expenses in New York

Everyone knows that New York is far from being the cheapest city in the US. Daria also experienced this side of life here.

“When I first moved, I thought: “God, $ 500 for an apartment, how will I even earn this money, how can I look for clients, but I need to eat something else … Then my base monthly expense was $ 1000, half of them went housing, she says. – Now I rent both an apartment and an office – the costs have increased greatly. If earlier I could go somewhere for dinner once every two weeks, now I don’t have dinner at home at all. I just don’t like to cook.”

Of course, she misses her home and would like to fly there, but the road there takes a lot of time and effort. So while she has seen her parents in Turkey, she still hopes to visit her native land.

“I haven’t been home for four years and I really miss it,” says Daria.

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