Cigarette prices are about to skyrocket in New York

Cigarette prices are about to skyrocket in New York

Smoking in New York will soon become a luxury for some. The cigarette tax will be the highest in the country as New Yorkers pay $1 more.

As reported by Bronx news, on Friday, September 1, new rules for taxing tobacco products come into force.

According to the latest data, the cost of cigarettes has increased for the first time since 2010. The new tax on a pack of 20 cigarettes is now $5.35. This decision was made with the aim of influencing tobacco users and helping to reduce their consumption.

Studies by the American Lung Association show that even a small increase in tobacco prices (even 10%) can lead to a 4% reduction in consumption. This is important for public health and may reduce the negative effects of smoking.

According to official figures, the state spends about $9.7 billion annually in health care costs related to smoking prevention.

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