check what you know about 5G technology and whether it’s true

check what you know about 5G technology and whether it’s true

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10/27/2023, 05:09 PM EST

Lyudmila Balabai

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The LinkNYC program provides New Yorkers with free internet. It is the world’s largest and fastest free public Wi-Fi network.

LinkNYC stands are located on streets in all five New York City boroughs. They offer free superfast Wi-Fi, information and registration for City Hall services, free phone calls or smartphone charging (you can find your nearest LinkNYC counter on this map).

Now the program is expanding – thousands of new racks called Link5G, equipped with 5G wireless technology, will be installed in New York. This was discussed on October 19 at a round table at the mayor’s office. This idea, despite its convenience for citizens, was not liked by everyone, because 5G technology is overgrown with myths, and many are afraid that radiation from this type of data transmission is harmful to health.

We have compiled a small test. It is designed not so much to test knowledge about 5G, but to debunk popular myths about this technology. Check yourself too!

Do you believe that 5G mobile network towers are harmful to health and can spread viruses?


Fifth generation wireless communications (5G – 5 Generation) transmits data using electromagnetic waves. Networks of previous generations (2G, 3G, 4G), as well as television and GPS, work the same way. The only difference is that 5G uses higher frequency waves than previous generations of networks. This allows you to increase the speed of information transfer. As for viruses, the WHO has repeatedly emphasized that viruses cannot be transmitted through electromagnetic radiation. This is physically impossible.

Do you believe that the cameras on LinkNYC and Link5G are spying on New Yorkers?


All cameras on LinkNYC display screens are currently disabled and the use of facial recognition technology is prohibited in New York City. Each tablet camera is user-activated and designed to allow people who are deaf or hard of hearing to make video calls and communicate using sign language, these calls are NOT recorded.

There are too many transmission towers being built for 5G, which is why this technology is more harmful than others. What do you think about this statement?


Indeed, 5G networks require more transmitter masts than previous wireless technologies. The fact is that buildings, fences and other objects in cities can impede the propagation of high-frequency signals. To ensure high-quality coverage, towers have to be located closer to each other—literally at a distance of 100–200 meters. The clustering of towers has a positive side effect: since there are many transmitters, each of them can operate at lower power than in 3G and 4G. This means that the level of electromagnetic radiation from 5G antennas is lower than from towers of previous generations.

Do you believe 5G causes cancer?


There are no studies yet that would prove any harm from radiation at 5G frequencies. However, the WHO played it safe and classified the entire spectrum of radio frequency radiation, including mobile signals, as “possibly carcinogenic.” This category also includes pickled vegetables and talcum powder. But alcoholic beverages and processed meats (ham, sausages, sausages) are classified in a more dangerous category, since the evidence of their carcinogenicity is more convincing. So your morning sandwich is more dangerous than the 5G tower outside your window.

Do you believe that any radiation is harmful, including 5G?


Daylight is also radiation. But it does not harm most terrestrial organisms, and even brings benefits. Yes, some types of electromagnetic waves can indeed be deadly. For example, ultraviolet or x-ray radiation. The energy of these electromagnetic waves is enough to break the chemical bonds in the DNA of cells, causing their mutations or death. Such waves are classified as ionizing – radioactive. Radio waves used in mobile communications, including 5G, are non-ionizing. Their energy is even less than that of visible light. They are physically unable to damage the DNA of cells.

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