Cafe with robotic barista opens in Brooklyn

Cafe with robotic barista opens in Brooklyn
Cafe with robotic barista opens in Brooklyn

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Brooklyn coffee shop Botbar Coffee is staffed by a two-armed robotic barista which can make 50 cups an hour. Customers select drinks and snacks on a touchpad before the robot receives the information and prepares the order. While the robot can also dance, it is not yet known whether any human baristas will eventually be employed in the coffee shop. The shop, which offers coffee, tea cocktails and snacks, is reportedly the first such establishment in the city.

Cafe with robotic barista opens in Brooklyn

You’ve obviously had a cup of coffee in New York, but have you ever been given a cup of coffee by a robot? Thinking about the future is often about flying cars and maybe even living underwater, but the future of New York is already about robots. Where to find a cafe in the city with a robot barista, told Secret NYC.

Botbar Coffee, a robot-operated coffee shop, only recently teased Brooklynians with its imminent reopening, and now they offer drinks ranging from $3 for an espresso to $5 for a cold brew, as well as typical cafe snacks like croissants and pastries.

The coffee shop has a two-armed barista robot programmed to prepare drinks on demand, including coffee drinks, teas and cocktails.

To place an order, guests simply select what they want on a touchpad, and then the bot receives the information and prepares a drink thanks to precise programming.

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And while the bot can make 50 cups of coffee an hour, it’s not just there to serve drinks—when it’s not busy, it can dance.

Robotic workers seem to be growing in popularity due to claims that they are highly productive, accurate, consistent, and reliable, given that sick days don’t exist when it comes to them.

Robotic employees help overcome today’s service challenges, including:

  • labor shortage;
  • rising labor costs;
  • high level of staff turnover;
  • unstable, slow work.

And although it is not yet known whether human baristas will work at Botbar, but, according to the company’s slogan, “people can be unpredictable; let the robot make you coffee.”

So it looks like we’ll have to wait and see.

The Botbar in New York, located at 666 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, is the company’s first location and the first coffee shop of its kind in the city.

You can learn more about Botbar on their website.

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