AI will help you write a resume: the best free programs

AI will help you write a resume: the best free programs

For several months now, artificial intelligence (AI) has been helping companies complete tasks saving them valuable time and money, but at the same time, it is great at helping job seekers find new jobs by creating resumes for them. Tech publication has collected the best programs for creating resumes using artificial intelligence for 2023.

Writing a resume can be a long and difficult process. Knowing exactly how to show your experience and present yourself as the right person for any job is no easy task. But, as in many other matters, artificial intelligence will help you here.

What is an AI resume builder?

An AI resume builder is any program or service that uses artificial intelligence to automate the resume creation process for users.

When using an AI resume builder, you just need to enter data about your qualifications and experience, and the program will take care of all the design and formatting. Some of the more sophisticated AI resume builders currently available can automatically generate text, while others analyze resumes and suggest improvements.

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Along with specialized AI resume builders, you can ask generative AI tools like ChatGPT or Bard to write specific aspects of your resume, provide examples of good resumes, and make aesthetic recommendations, but they don’t have design features.

The Best Free AI Resume Builders

Along with AI constructors that work on a subscription basis, there are also those that can be used completely free of charge.


Jobscan is not a resume writer, but it can scan existing resumes and optimize them for specific jobs. However, it does provide the option of using an AI resume builder for free.

In Jobscan, artificial intelligence formats resumes so that they are suitable for applicant tracking systems (ATS), which automate much of the initial selection process. Jobscan claims that the resume templates are “universal” and will automatically complete with any job application.


This AI-powered resume builder requires you to enter a lot more information than others—the only thing that is automated is the formatting. There are nine templates to choose from, but they’re all pretty similar.

However, Resumake has an elegant interface, is very easy to use, and allows you to instantly download your finished resume in PDF format after adding the finishing touches.

Paid programs for creating resumes with artificial intelligence

There are also paid resume writing programs with a wide range of pricing plans. Many of them also have free plans or trial periods.

Zety Resume Builder

Zety Resume Builder offers a wide selection of templates and color schemes. What’s impressive is that it automatically generates relevant text for different sections of your resume. Zety access costs $2.70 for 14 days, during which you can print and download an unlimited number of files. If you want access for a month, it will cost you $5.95.


KickResume has a suite of artificial intelligence tools that analyzes your resume and gives it a score out of 100 points. However, if you upgrade to the premium version, you will receive more detailed feedback. Along with the limited free plan, KickResume offers an annual plan that costs $5 per month, a quarterly plan that costs $12 per month, and a one-month subscription that costs you $19.


This program offers almost 40 templates to choose from. MyPerfectResume provides many tips and suggestions.

The program provides access to premium features such as resume checking if you purchase a subscription.

A 14-day full access subscription costs just $2.70, and a monthly subscription costs $5.95.


Rezi has video instructions that accompany the different parts of the resume you’ll write. To unlock the AI ​​resume builder, AI cover letter writer, and other useful features, you must pay for a premium subscription, which starts at $19 per month on the quarterly plan. If you only want to pay for one month, it will cost you $29.


NovoResume has a limited free plan that can be used to create one one-page resume. Premium plans starting at $19.99 per month allow you to create ten-page resumes, use more fonts and color themes, and create multiple versions of the same information.


Enhancv offers a free plan that allows you to create two resumes and cover letters, as well as a monthly plan that costs $24.99 per month, a quarterly plan for professionals for $16.66 per month, and a semi-annual plan with a monthly fee of $13.32.


Although the free version of Teal costs next to nothing, it comes with a significant number of features. You can use analysis tools and access the Work Styles section without purchasing a subscription. The premium version of Teal+ costs $9 per week, $29 per month, or $79 for three months. If you upgrade to the paid version, you will get a more in-depth analysis of your resumes.

Can ChatGPT improve your resume?

While ChatGPT won’t create a complete resume for you, it will certainly help you improve some aspects of your resume.

For example, you can paste your resume into ChatGPT and ask it for suggestions on how to optimize it for specific jobs or how to present your experience in a more impressive light. It’s particularly good at making linguistic recommendations, and you can ask the chatbot to rephrase your sentences to make them sound more relevant and professional.

However, before entering any personal information into chatbots, be sure to first read the privacy policies of OpenAI, as well as other services.

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