A walk through the human brain: why you should visit the immersive exhibition ‘The Life of a Neuron’

A walk through the human brain: why you should visit the immersive exhibition ‘The Life of a Neuron’

Chelsea Market has a state-of-the-art ARTECHOUSE immersive exhibition space. It regularly hosts events that allow viewers to immerse themselves in worlds they don’t have access to in normal life. From May 14 to November 13, the Life of a Neuron exhibition is taking place there. It allows us to walk through the human brain and understand (even see) how it works from the inside.

Entering the “Neuron Life” space, you will see how the human brain works and find out what makes us unique at the cellular level. You will be able to see and explore from the inside how our brain shapes the universal human experience.

Visitors will see an unprecedented real-life 3D model of a neuron in the human prefrontal cortex, the “thinking cell” of the brain, as well as follow how it grows from birth to death.

In addition to this installation, you can explore other interactive artworks that show vision, stress, addiction, and neural connectivity at the cellular level of the brain.

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“Life of a Neuron is an opportunity to make the audience experience what goes on inside each of us using the latest technical tools. This is an incredible opportunity to convey the scientific research of the last 50 years in a new artistic way,” said Sandro Kereselidze, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of ARTECHOUSE.

Life of a Neuron brings together the results of decades of neuroscience research and takes viewers on a journey through the human brain at the cellular level. This exhibition was created by ARTECHOUSE in partnership with the Society for Neuroscience. It is the result of three years of painstaking collaboration and research.

This partnership has given artists and scientists the opportunity to push the boundaries and, through 21st century technology, tell the story of our neurons through technological art.

Tickets can be purchased via the link. ARTECHOUSE NYC is located at 439 W 15th Street.

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