A man opened fire near a playground in Brooklyn: 4 people were injured

A man opened fire near a playground in Brooklyn: 4 people were injured

On September 6, around 3:30 p.m., a shooting occurred near a playground in the Park Avenue area of ​​Brooklyn. Two of the four victims are in critical condition, according to NBC.

The age of the wounded is from 21 to 34 years; three men and one woman were injured. The youngest victim was the most seriously injured, being shot twice in the chest.

Police say the shooter got out of the Hyundai Santa Fe and waited for the three men to cross the street before opening fire. It appears that the men were not accidental casualties – they were the target of the shooter. The injured woman, as the investigation suggests, accidentally came under fire.

All three men, aged 21, 25 and 28, were taken to a local hospital. Two are in critical condition, one is stable. A 34-year-old woman wounded in the shoulder was treated on the spot and released home.

After firing the shots, the shooter returned to the SUV and sped off along with three passengers who were waiting for him in the car. The officers who heard the shots followed them.

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During the chase, the criminals collided with two cars (the people inside received non-life-threatening injuries), their car could not go further, so they rushed to run on foot.

Police have arrested three suspects and are looking for a fourth. While it is not clear if any of the detained shooters are among the detained, the police did not find a weapon on any of the suspects.

The investigation is ongoing.

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