a lot of people gathered at the event, despite the rain

a lot of people gathered at the event, despite the rain

Organization The Association of East-European Jewry (AEEJ) held the 20th Holocaust Remembrance Day in New York on September 10th. This memorial event was dedicated to the 6 million Jews who died during the Holocaust.

The ceremony, held in Brooklyn, honored the memory of people whose lives were taken by the Nazis through the lighting of candles, and also honored the authors of essays on the Holocaust. The theme of the writing competition was “Never Again.”

“Today, in the pouring rain, on the 20th Annual No One Left Behind Day of Remembrance, we proved once again that culture, race and religion are universal. No matter what obstacles await us, we will always be winners in the fight against evil. I sincerely thank the Association of Eastern European Jewry (AEEJ) for organizing the event,” said Peace Ambassador Dr. Sima Karetnaya.

She attended the event not only as a public figure, but also as the proud mother of one of the literary competition winners. Her daughter Stella Bader was announced as the 1st Prize winner of the Never Again Essay Contest.

“Stella received a Certificate of Merit from New York City Councilman Ari Kagan for her work describing a girl about to be burned in a concentration camp. She was also awarded the New York City Council’s Outstanding Citizen Award for writing the most moving essay on the lives of creative minds during the Holocaust. Her essay talks about Anne Frank,” said Karetnaya.

She also thanked the organizers and the city council for supporting talented youth.

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