A blogger found a deep hole in a New York sidewalk: someone could have been hurt because of it

A blogger found a deep hole in a New York sidewalk: someone could have been hurt because of it

Sidewalks in New York City are in many ways as important as roads, providing millions of pedestrians with the ability to get from point A to point B. Maintaining this infrastructure is critical, but in many neighborhoods, some sidewalks are literally falling apart, as the New York Post reports.

Famous blogger Casey Neistat shared a shocking video of a sidewalk in the Tribeca area collapsing under his feet, straight out of a disaster movie. In the video, the man carefully placed his foot on a fragile part of the sidewalk, causing pieces of concrete to fall into a hole under the sidewalk. He decided to look inside the hole with his camera and discovered a complex network of pipes that presumably lead to nearby buildings.

“Sidewalks in New York City can be a little scary,” Neistat captioned the video, which has gone viral on social media. Its publication sparked a wave of discussion among residents and visitors of the city, raising questions about the safety of infrastructure and the need for more thorough maintenance of sidewalks in New York.

Authorities’ reaction

The Post contacted officials at the Department of Transportation, which oversees the city’s infrastructure, to confirm the veracity of the viral sensation, which has racked up more than 17 million views in less than 24 hours.

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“The New York City Department of Transportation issued the responsible sidewalk owner a citation for this sidewalk defect and today in addition issued a second citation to expedite repairs,” Vincent Barone, a Department of Transportation spokesman, told The Post. “During the renovation, a barrier will be installed in this area for the safety of pedestrians.”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Headquarters

Meanwhile, TikTok users took the opportunity to joke about the gaping hole in the sidewalk, with many viewers noting that Neistat had found a “portal to old New York.”

“You could probably rent this out for 600 bucks,” joked one commenter, referring to sky-high real estate prices in New York. Another commenter noted: “Don’t let New York landowners see this. They will advertise a one-room apartment with a skylight for $3 thousand a month.”

Some suggested that Neistat fall into a hole on purpose and then sue New York. “I would fall down there and sue for a trillion.” US men’s national soccer team player Jimmy Conrad joked: “This is some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bullshit.”

Common problem

Unfortunately, problems with sidewalks in New York are not a new phenomenon: since 2019, 35 cases of sidewalk collapses have been recorded in the metropolis. Last month, a hole in a Manhattan sidewalk grew so large that New Yorkers could look down and see subway trains passing right under their feet. But, unfortunately, if you step on one of these cracks, you can break your back.

In 2020, a 33-year-old man narrowly escaped serious injury when a sinkhole opened on a sidewalk in the Bronx, causing him to fall 4.5 meters.

Gotham residents can report sinkholes to the 311 website, with the agency recommending calling 911 if there is an unprotected street opening that could cause injury or death.

If the collapse is located near a catch basin, commonly referred to as a storm drain or sewer drain, New Yorkers should report it at Catch Basin Complaint and report collapses with water leaks at Water Leak on Street or Sidewalk.

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