ZEROing In On Equity

11 Jun (13:00)
- 11 Jun (15:00)
Zeroing In On Equity
ZEROing In On Equity

⌚️2024-06-11 13:00:00 – 2024-06-11 15:00:00

Join ZERO Prostate Cancer every Tuesday in June for the ZEROing In On Equity Virtual Education Series. This free, online series focuses on bridging gaps in prostate cancer outcomes, particularly among the Black community and those from lower-income and rural areas. The series for Men's Heath Month begins at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time each Tuesday in June and promises engaging and educational content for those affected by prostate cancer.

Throughout the month, you will have the opportunity to participate in expert-led discussions including a panel on early detection with Dr. Leanne Woods-Burnham, Dr. Kelvin Moses, and Dr. Brian McNeil. Attendees will also have the opportunity to engage in a practical activity to create a ZERO Prostate Cancer Family Tree to understand their family medical history better. Additional topics to be covered include stress management, maintaining mental and emotional wellness, and exploring sexual well-being and mental health after a prostate cancer diagnosis.

This interactive series is designed to educate and support patients, care partners, healthcare providers, and anyone interested in learning more about prostate cancer. Attending, you'll gain valuable insights into managing prostate cancer while contributing to a larger conversation about reducing disparities in cancer care and outcomes.

Registration is open and free for all. Sign up today by clicking the link below to secure your spot in this important series. This is a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge, connect with leading healthcare professionals, and be part of a community supporting your prostate cancer journey all from the comfort of your home.


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